Inexplicable white lines go around the Earth

Inexplicable white lines go around the EarthPhotos from open sources of

American conspiracy theorists examined satellite images of our planet and made a very interesting discovery. In two photos, showing Earth from space, it turned out to be seen one at a time an incredibly long white line enveloping at least a quarter “blue ball”.

Of course, these mysterious lines are like clouds, however independent researchers deny this possibility. According to them, water vapor condensation products in the Earth’s atmosphere cannot be so direct, long and continuous. It is definitely something other.

A photo from open sources

But what exactly? Result of geoengineering or use climate weapons? Extraterrestrial tricks civilization? Crash in the Matrix? The infamous chemtrails, thrown into the air by secret world government aircraft? A strange atmospheric phenomenon? Be that as it may, intriguing find online researchers interested in millions of users The World Wide Web and spawned heated debate among regulars Networks.

Some commentators recalled the hypothesis that our (and any other) planet is a living intelligent being, able to easily transform at will. Can, we are facing exactly the consequences of such a change? Rumor has it that Mother Earth is already tired of destructive activity human, and soon Terra will restore natural balance in all seriousness …

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