Intel hired sixteen inventive genius

Intel hired the sixteen-year-old genius inventorA photo from open sources

Intel has a Corporate Internship social program Program, the essence of which is the support of talented students colleges. However, this year the company decided to reduce the age limit for a single sixteen-year-old student. Why? Because Joey Hadi is Mathematical and Engineering genius. Despite the fact that the kid is still in high school, he creates gadgets based on the Arduino open hardware platform and sells them over the Internet. Once a young wunderkind even created for the competition a computer powered by solar energy. And in at the White House Science Fair 2013, Joey showed President Obama Marshmallow Cannon. Joey probably doesn’t expected to be able to get such an incredible offer from computer giant. However, as part of the Rome Maker Faire exhibition, held in October, he was noticed by the executive director of the company Intel Brian Krzanych. Photos from open sources As a result, the guy really hired to work at Intel’s New Employee Orientation (NEO) office Arizona. Mom took him there, as Joey has no own driver’s license. Young man working in office will start immediately after graduation from school. The guy recorded for summer practice, after which he returned in the fall will return to his school class. “We look forward to a very fruitful collaboration with Joey and all of our interns whom we we support as part of their professional development, “says manager intern intern management program the staff. Joey will work in a product development team New Devices Group. And it is quite possible in that area which he enjoys doing: PCB assembly Arduino, which, by the way, are great for working with processors Quark, which Intel recently released. Maybe joey even entrusted with the design of new ultra-compact computers Edison, but we can find out no earlier than the summer. Overall Joey has a great future. And although it’s hard to believe, many current executives of major technology companies began their careers in their rooms and garages.

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