Interpretation of the meaning of the Slavic amulet Wedding

In written monuments that have come down to us from ancient times, you can often find references to talismans that helped ordinary people to cope with troubles and difficulties. Among the most effective is the wedding charm, the value of which depends on the person's zodiac sign and his life circumstances.

Wedding charm

Features of the amulet wedding

In ancient times, during the wedding ceremony, young spouses exchanged gifts with each other.

  • The bride had to present something that indicated her great dowry, her innocence, or her willingness to farm.
  • It is the husband's duty to point out his ability to protect his wife, future children and the entire household. To protect the house of the newlyweds, grooms often presented the chosen ones with a charm. The amulet was kept in the bedroom until the death of both spouses.

The Slavs believed that the main feature of the talisman was its versatility. The gods, who communicated with the owner with the help of a magical thing, helped the person with those problems that were relevant. If you ask the wedding man for help, he will affect the life and make the fate of the spouses easier.

The requests of the husband for his wife and vice versa are considered especially effective. Selflessness and a sincere desire for good for the second half will enhance the magical power of the higher ones.

Who is a wedding charm suitable for?

The wedding amulet is most often worn by brides or grooms. Paired amulets are suitable for spouses. Until the age of 25, it is recommended to purchase a wooden or silver talisman, and after 26 – a gold one or with precious stones.

Wedding charm

The ancient Slavs noticed that the amulet can be worn even by those for whom it does not fit according to traditional ideas. But before that, it is necessary to conduct a ceremony that will bring the future hostess or owner closer to the wedding.

For the ritual, you must purchase purple, red and yellow ribbons. The first is responsible for the health of each family member. Alaya – for the well-being and happiness of living together. Gold – for financial stability. One of the three tapes you need to buy wide, depending on what problems prevail in everyday life. It is she who will be the basis when performing the ceremony.

Expert opinion Svetlana Kravchenko Esoteric During the ritual, you need to clearly define the value of the amulet for the family. With the main request, you need to start the appeal to the talisman. In this case, in a circle it must be wrapped with a wide tape. The next request should be the second most important one.

In this case, the wedding party is wrapped in one of the narrow ribbons. The same action is repeated for 3 requests. When referring to the amulet, it is important to speak clearly, sincerely. An empty room is suitable for the ritual, in silence the owner can concentrate on his desires. The very next morning after the ceremony, the amulet will take full effect.

How to wear a charm

Representatives of different signs of the zodiac should wear a Slavic wedding charm in different ways, so that its power is fully revealed.

  • Aries are recommended to use metal charms, without the use of crystals. Gems will only increase a person's egoism, while gold and silver will make emotions less harsh and uncontrollable. He will notice that hot temper and excessive experiences have left him.
  • Taurus will be able to get the maximum power of the amulet if they purchase a bracelet with powerful runes. The amulet will protect against rash acts, cool the ardor.
  • Gemini, wearing a ring with the image of runes, will be able to conquer their fears and achieve their goals. Their lives will be filled with tasks and positive energy, and the ever-looming danger will go away.
  • Cancers are recommended to choose an amulet on a red thread for themselves. This strongest amulet will prompt the owner to solve professional problems. Thanks to the help of higher powers, the career will go uphill.
  • It is best for Leo to use magic runes as a keychain for a bag or backpack. Such a talisman will protect the owner from unpleasant encounters, will protect things from theft.
  • Virgos should take a closer look at the wedding beads. If the color of the decoration is blue, then the hostess can get rid of shyness. Against fatigue, it is advised to wear orange beads, and to attract energy into life – pink or white.
  • A wooden amulet is suitable for Libra, which will become an assistant in solving other people's problems. The owner will discover other people's secrets, thanks to which he can become the best advisor, the best friend for many acquaintances.
  • Scorpio and his significant other will be able to get rid of conflicts if they purchase paired amulets. The wedding party will protect family peace, and harmony and comfort will appear in the house.
  • Sagittarius will be helped by a stone talisman, which will provide them with the support of the people around them. He will feel the interest of his friends in his own destiny. This will give him the strength to advance his goals.
  • It is better for Aquarius and Pisces to wear a talisman made from a natural mineral of blue or light blue shades. This color will strengthen the owner's skills, he will learn new things better and faster.
  • A wedding pendant is suitable for Capricorns. Such a talisman will positively affect intuition. The owner will be able to predict with greater accuracy not only his own, but also someone else's fate.

An unusual wedding party is more powerful than many Slavic talismans. He not only fulfills the specific requests of the owner, but also gives him additional magical support, depending on the zodiac signs. The main thing is to sincerely appeal to the Gods and believe that the owner's connection with the Slavic ancestors will certainly help in solving problems.

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