Interpretation of the meanings of pagan amulets and amulets

Pagan amulets have long been used by the people to help in difficult life situations. Slavic customs have survived to this day, so information about the strength, as well as the meaning of talismans, has been preserved. Thanks to continuity, modern people can also experience the miraculous properties of ancient symbols.

Pagan amulets

Wards of ancient times

Before baptism, belief in many idols was especially strong in Russia. Many peasants used symbols of the gods for protection. Pagan amulets called for help from higher powers, due to which changes took place in the owner's life.

  • Svarog was considered the primordial god, father and patron of each of the men. He endowed the owner of the talisman with great physical abilities. With the help of force, a person could defeat the enemy in a fist fight or during military campaigns.
  • Lada – in paganism, the wife of Svarog, mother, patroness of women. Thanks to her symbols, comfort appeared in the house, there was always delicious food. The goddess also helped with the upbringing of children and performing the primordially female household chores.
  • The Chur symbol protected the house from the foul language of others. Gossip or bad rumors will not disturb the family. Damage or evil eye will also be reflected by powerful energy protection.
  • Belobog made sure that the owner always had courage and cunning. These qualities could be useful in everyday life, in communication with fellow villagers, as well as in the battle with nomads during raids.
  • Alive among the pagans personified the vitality of man. Therefore, her sign was often used in the treatment of patients. She also helped expectant mothers during childbirth, took care of the baby's health.
  • Stribog rules over people who work tirelessly. Thanks to the protection of the amulet, a person will be able to avoid communication with energy vampires, thanks to which he will be able to save his strength.
  • Kupalo protects people in love. With its help, you can find out who is the girl's real betrothed, and with whom she will not see happiness. Also, the deity's talisman will save the couple from relatives who prevent marriage.
  • Znich has long been responsible for the wealth in the home. If you decorate the kitchen with a talisman, then the hostess will always have a lot of cooking. Hanging in the bedroom – to a large number of healthy and strong children. Znich in a large room is a harbinger of a visit.
  • Karachun helps a person to remain sincere and true to their feelings despite life's circumstances. Thanks to such a talisman, it will be possible to survive difficulties without losing faith in goodness and hope for happiness.

amulet kres Amulet Kres

Amulets of the 10-12 centuries

After baptism, pagan symbols and their meaning changed, some of them became obsolete. In symbiosis with Christianity, new amulets appeared, which quickly spread throughout the territory of Russia.

  • Kres. The talisman has long helped people to equip their lives in accordance with moral standards. Driving away temptations, the sign allows the owner to keep his conscience clear. Moral choice will no longer be a problem, because a person can act according to his conscience.
  • Svyatogor. Its symbols were often used in the rite of initiating a man into a warrior. The symbolism of the hero allowed a man to show himself in battle in the best possible light, since thanks to the amulet, courage, stamina, and endurance increased. Bandages and towels with the sign of Svyatogor were also used to treat wounds inflicted by the enemy.
  • Perun. In the 10th century, he took the main position in the hierarchy of the pagan gods. It was he who made the decision about the abundant rain, which guaranteed a rich harvest. However, with Perun's anger, drought and famine did not stop in the village.
  • Makosh. The goddess also took a dominant position, as she ruled over fertility. She protected women from desecration, and the household from exhaustion. Thanks to the amulets, all crops gave a good harvest, supporting the family's prosperity.
  • Yarilo. The deity came into effect in the spring, when the sun really began to warm. On these days, people turned to the higher powers to seal the spouses with the birth of a child. Yarilo also gave the Slavs strength when cultivating the land.
  • Moraine. Her signs protected people from death. They were often used to decorate the clothes of the seriously ill so that the goddess would not take the soul from a weak body. With large infections and epidemics, amulets protected children and adults from illness, strengthened the immune system, weakening the influence of Morena on the family.
  • Agidel is the goddess of water. It was believed that thanks to her help, you can get rid of past resentments and sadness. She also patronized those who almost drowned or died because of the raging river. After baptism, washing, cleansing from past sins and mistakes, healing of spiritual wounds was added to this meaning.

Customs for combining talismans with each other

It is best to combine with each other only those talismans that were customarily worn at the same time. Otherwise, the gods, whose popularity fell on different periods of history, will not be able to act together. Their impact on a person and his fate will be disastrous.

When wearing, it is necessary to fasten the amulets together with a tape. If amulets of the gods of men are used, a blue thread will be required. For the signs of the goddesses, you need to prepare scarlet. And for those bundles in which the symbols of both women and men are combined, a purple ribbon is required.

The strength of the talisman, depending on the material of manufacture

Talismans used up until the 16th century were varied as new materials for crafting appeared. The strength of the amulet was determined depending on what it was decorated with.

  • Wooden amulets will primarily affect your personal life. They will help the couple to establish communication, get rid of conflicts. Partners will be able to better understand each other if they wear paired wooden amulets.
  • Metal talismans will help those who want to achieve career success. Professional activity will become much easier, and relations with the authorities will improve. It is better to hang such a symbol in the office or decorate your desktop with it.
  • Signs embroidered on fabric are most often used to protect children. Symbols can be embroidered on a towel or diaper. For it to have an impact on the life of the baby, contact must be regular.
  • Stone charms must be warmed in hand before an important event or meeting. Then excitement and fear will disappear. The talisman will make sure that nothing can spoil the plans and intentions of the owner.
  • Gold attracts money and status to life, so such an amulet will help establish the financial sphere. The owner will notice that his budget problems are gradually disappearing.
  • Silver mob are talismans that grooms often gave to their beloved. The bride will not only remain loyal to the chosen one, but will become even more beautiful and attractive in his eyes.

Expert opinion Ilmira Derbentsev Parapsychologist Pagan amulets were often used by our ancestors to deal with life's difficulties. Poor peasants made talismans on their own, while the rich bought ready-made ones from jewelry masters.

Symbols of gods and goddesses were a good gift for any occasion, they were passed down from generation to generation and protected entire families. Nowadays, such decorations have also not lost their relevance, because turning to the help of pagan idols, you can also get the support of your ancestors.

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