Invisible people exist!

Invisible people exist!Photos from open sources

In 1897, G. Wells wrote his famous “Invisible Man” and infected humanity with a dream to invent a way make a person invisible. But in order to become invisible, no extra complicated cars are needed. Anyone can become invisible man, if only …

Invisible man at the police station

In 1988, in Minneapolis, several teenagers took entertainment walk in supermarkets. The sharpness of the campaigns was given theft of goods from store shelves. Every time after a visit to another shopping center, they boasted of their “trophies” and determined the winner in the next thieves raid.

But all good things come to an end once, thieves took note detained at the exit from the next store and called the police. Among the detainees was a girl named Janice, who had very strict parents. She understood that at home when her parents find out that their daughter got into the police like a thief, she is waiting for a wild scandal. Janice pounded with horror, her body covered with cold later.

At the police station, the teenagers were interrogated – everyone except her. Moreover, the police did not pay any attention to her as if she was not there. Silently, the girl moved to the exit and left site, passing by standing cops. Subsequently accomplices confirmed that for them, too, at some point, she disappeared.

Donna Higby is looking for the invisible

This case became known to the psychotherapist Donna Higby. Interested, she advertised in a newspaper asking talk about cases when a person became invisible. And let’s go feedback.

A woman from California wrote that once in the mail she got into strange situation: neither employees nor visitors paid attention to it no attention, did not see her and did not hear. Another woman wrote how she “disappeared” in a restaurant. A man from Texas told how it became “invisible” in the cinema. Faced with it, people with looked around in surprise and looked through him.

Donna Higby met with some writers and made sure that these are mentally healthy people and not suffering from mania to become known for magazine publication. Some thought of happened as a fun adventure, for some it was severe mental ordeal. One woman wrote that her simply terrified when she thought she would remain invisible forever and ever.

Something similar was written in the Russian press. One student from St. Petersburg, from which money was stolen, went to almost a month train without a ticket. The controllers and fellow travelers seemed to not see him. Invisibility disappeared when the money problem resolved.

A photo from open sources

This means that a person can under certain conditions become invisible to others, block visual perception of yourself by other people? All of the above cases occurred unexpectedly for the “invisible” themselves. Can a person become invisible intentionally?

The story of the precinct

Grandmother came and complains: someone is constantly in her apartment comes in, then he will eat borsch from the pan, then he will rearrange things, then the bath wet – came to bathe. We come to her – the whole door, no locks hacked. We pass into the apartment – a man sits on a sofa. I ask, “Who are you?” And grandmother: “Who are you talking to?”

I took this “invisibility” by the scruff of my neck, pulled it into the corridor. They are repents: nowhere to live, here I was attached to an old woman, to the question how is it it so happens that she does not see him, only smirks. Well explained to him that if the old woman complains at least once “brownie”, I “drummer” right in the apartment “cook” and grandmother, as always, will not see anything.

Invisible People

This case is not unique at all. In 2001, such a “invisibility” during George W. Bush’s inauguration ceremony went through all the lines cordons just to shake the president’s hand. Lives in indonesia the whole tribe of “orang bunyan” (hidden people), managing to be invisible to other people.

A photo from open sources

How do these “invisibles” affect our consciousness, to disappear from our field of view is unknown, but very interesting. There is really another category of invisibility – these are creatures, living next to us, but in a parallel world, however, this is already separate story.

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