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Invisible People - Mysterious CreaturesA photo from open sources

“Orang Dalam” literally translated from Malay means “people inside,” or “hidden people,” or even “I” in to yourself. “And any geographical name that includes the word “orang” certainly refers to something supernatural. “Orang Bunyan,” or “whistling people,” are forest spirits that can fascinate a person, lead him astray and, in general, happens to lead away unknown. All this is difficult to verify because mysterious creatures … invisible!

This is what Carlo Soke reports about the invisibility riddle, man, quite a few years living in Indonesia. In the early 1990s, I worked on the Indonesian island of Sumatra as plant manager, located in a hilly area south of Lake Toba, he writes. All houses of administrative botniks were lined up one row on top of a low hill. My house was second in this row. Below on the contrary, palm trees. And even lower the hill was sharply reduced in side of the valley. Since the slope was too steep, there are no crops were not planted, so that the land was overgrown with shrubs and small trees. The valley itself was a dense overgrown more large trees, all kinds of creeping and climbing tropical plants. On the other side of the valley, the slope was terraced and planted rubber trees. Since in the country I was a novice and only still learning the language, after work 8 mostly sat at home alone and rummaged in Indonesian dictionaries. Yes, we all, in fact, had no other entertainment except satellite television Even on the weekend we went to bed early, because I had to get up to work at five in the morning. Almost from the very first days of my stay in this place I noticed that every Wednesday evening in front of my house happens some kind of festival or prayer meeting. No I don’t saw but heard the sound of metal drums that started beat exactly at half past six. This sound came to me in for an hour and fell silent as suddenly as it had arisen. When I asked his housekeeper what was going on there, she just shook it shoulders and did not answer. I decided that apparently it is impolite with my part is to ask about such things, and never again Turned to her about this. And yet, the better I found out plantation, the stronger my curiosity became – what kind of drums? I knew for sure that below our houses on the slope there are no other buildings. Yes, and on the opposite slope of the valley, too, was not houses. And yet, every Wednesday, the sounds of the drums came precisely from on this side, though from somewhere nearby, as if from the valley itself! QUESTIONS AND STORIES 8 in the end I still decided and how can delicately asked about the sounds of his assistants. Those are just smiled and said: “These are people called orang bunyan.” I don’t I wanted to look like a fool, and I did not ask what kind of people. But with one of the assistants, I was closer than with the others. Once, when there was no one around, I asked him about the orang bunyan He replied that these are invisible people that they like to live near ordinary people, and sometimes with some of us they can make friends. It happened that some of the guys married girls from numbers Bunyan and entered into their community. But as soon as this happened, how the guy also became invisible to people. You can go to orang bunyan even contact if necessary, and they will be happy to help. For example, if guests come to you and there aren’t enough dishes, you can take time with them. But here it is necessary to look at both – God forbid, if only one plate will be broken – they will be offended. I asked my assistant why is he so sure that these invisibles are beating drums, and he told me a story how once two guys decided once and find out forever where the sounds come from. Next Wednesday, barely drums rattled, these guys armed with torches and long knives and went down the hill. They went pretty far, even began to climb the opposite slope of the valley, and the sounds still came from somewhere. When it got completely dark, they hurried home. So they returned with nothing. I am convinced that these orang Bunyan exist, for I heard their sheep, “- ends his The story is a former manager from Sumatra. THEY ARE NOT SEEN BUT THEY NEARBY But, besides this story, you can find many others. Locals have long known places where orang bunyan live. to the boulders marking the entrance to the invisible world prayers come, make donations and turn to invisibles with a variety of requests. Perhaps no less than similar stories in Malaysia, in other neighboring states. Malays say that invisible people live in large colonies, imitating the structure human society – families, clans, etc. Usually they settle in deep in the forests, but happens to be able to settle in the same houses, like people. For this reason, some ghosts or manifestations poltergeist attributed to people orang bunyan. In each of the hotels just in case reserve one free room for “special guests. “If the visitor really insists, they can inspire him backup number, but then … Then the person should strictly follow certain rules. Before entering the room, you need to certainly knock, and if you entered, and you suddenly became very chilly, immediately calmly go out and ask for another number. Upon entering turn on all the lights at once, open the curtains and let in room sunlight. Going to bed, put your shoes on like that so that one is turned upside down – it’s like a symbol of yin and yang energy, the balance of which should protect you. If in the room has no one but you, and the bed is double, do not leave second place empty – while going to bed, lay down on a bed next to any of their things. According to rumors, orang bunyan possess colossal supernatural power and happens to help to the shamans. Rumor has it that invisible people steal children, but they can to lead away an adult as well. They live much longer than people, so that if any of the remaining of them wants to return to the people, he it’s unlikely that one of his family members will already be alive – there, in in the world of these invisibles, time flows differently. Invisible people live large colonies, imitating the structure of human society. Usually they settle in the depths of forests, but, it happens, they can settle in the same houses as ordinary mortals. By this cause some ghosts or poltergeist manifestations attributed to people orang bunyan. SAVIOR FROM ANOTHER MEASUREMENTS In the south of the planet, it basically comes down to legends and legends. The north is another matter, the same Iceland is a country of mysteries. Out of 300 thousand of the population of this island 54% have no doubt that next to them mysterious invisibles live. Someone sees them, some don’t, but for Icelanders, they are very real neighbors, whose help is always can count on.

A photo from open sources

One of those who not only believed, but also saw, was T. Emilsson, founder of the Communist Party of Iceland. In his autobiography he tells how at the age of 14 he was saved by a young girl from … another measurements. And it was like that. They sent a guy to drive the sheep with distant pasture, and he climbed there into the crevice to pull out fallen lamb. He pulled out a lamb, but he got stuck in a crevice hopelessly. What to do? If they’re going to look for a guy, then maybe in the morning. In a word, he resigned himself to having to spend the night in darkness and terrible cold. And then suddenly a girlish girl appeared over the edge of the cliff face. And soon Emilsson himself somehow miraculously turned out to be upstairs in complete safety. – Where are you from? he asked in surprise savior. From the Lietenshtammer farm, the girl said and pointed hand on a typical Icelandic house that stood a few hundred meters from them. – But … But I walk these mountains all my life, muttered Emilsson, “and I have never seen this farm before!” “And you couldn’t see her,” the savior laughed. – I’m one of those whom you call “hidden people”. We are from another world parallel to yours. And while young Emilsson stared at her, not in forces to find the right words, from the farm came the male voice: “Katerina!” “I have to go,” she realized, and became climb the hill quickly. “Can I see you again?” -the guy shouted after her. – Maybe … But the meeting is not destined was take place. And although Emilsson came to these places until the end of his days (and he died in 1986), he’s never a girl or a farm I didn’t see there anymore … RESEARCHER OF THE “HIDDEN” similar stories are collected by Magnus Skarfedinsson from Reykjavik. For 23 years, he found more than 700 eyewitnesses, of whom 200 claim that even talked with the “hidden”, and about 40 were able to establish friendly relations with these “otherworldly” (literally words!) by creatures. What is curious: they talk about these miracles not some ancient old women full of remnants: 99.9% Iceland’s population is literate, 82% are “computerized”. Magnus himself has never seen “hidden”. But talk to with them he happened, and more than once. He collects information that they do and where they live. Even makes up cards. The main thing is that it has long been occupied, – why some people see the “hidden”, others – not. And how do parallel worlds interact? “Hidden” explained that they can move between their and ours worlds only under certain circumstances, usually when Some of us urgently need help. – They look just like us, – Magnus explains, – only clothes are old-fashioned, tools They are also old. These are people from other dimensions. And about 75% all our encounters with unusual creatures accounted for “hidden”. AMAZING HISTORY One of the most amazing stories told Torlacour Steffansson. Once he lost in the forest and terribly cold. When already completely knocked out strength, suddenly saw the light behind the trees and rushed in that direction. It turned out there was a farmhouse. Torlacour knocked on the door, and they let him in. He asked the name of the farm, and he was told that it Heggstatir. He was surprised – he had never heard of such a farm. Can, has he already wandered somewhere beyond the borders of his native Skagfjordur? – Not, – the farmers answered, “you are still in Skagfjordur, but we are one of those who is called “hidden.” We are always here, only you are not always us you see. Torlacour, of course, was worried – well, like he forever will remain in another world? But nothing of the kind happened. Traveler fed, dried his clothes, left to spend the night, And on the next morning the sky had already cleared, and through the window of the farm he could make out where it is: it turned out not so far from the native at home in Skagfjordur! After breakfast, he hit the road periodically looking around to wave goodbye yes remember the place where the farm that sheltered him stands. Walking meters three hundred, looked around again, but the house … disappeared! Torlacour did not believe to your eyes. He decided to go back and go back to the farm on his own tracks in the snow. Imagine his surprise when his tracks suddenly broke, but the farm never appeared! For all its the subsequent life of Torlacour never saw that house again … HOW SAME DO NOT LOVE THEM? About the unusual neighborhood of the visible and invisible told people on December 11, 2006 the UFO Digest website, and earlier – Fortean Times magazine and the Russian newspaper World of Looking Glasses. And whatever lies at the basis of the phenomenon of “hidden” people – human imagination or metaphysics, one thing is certain: people are only benefit from such a neighborhood: these “hidden” gave them food, when famine came, and they helped not to lose hope in grave moments of despair. So how do you not love them? Cause it’s friendship which is worth a lot. For good you need to pay good. And this is an example of how you can get along even with those who live not at all like you himself … But who are they – creatures in the flesh or disembodied spirits? On this There are different versions of the account. According to one of them, they are similar to us, but they live in another dimension. On the other hand, these are perfumes that we should not see, otherwise they will be expelled from the community in which they stay. According to the third version, these are the very creatures that we perceived as aliens or even aliens, but they are only pretend to be inhabitants of other planets or even galaxies. To someone they are kind, to someone – not really. Not everyone is given to see the invisible – for this you need to believe in their existence. Vladimir GRISHCHENKOV

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