IQ of a 12-year-old girl was higher than that of Einstein

12-year-old Olivia Manning’s intellectual ratio of Liverpool is 2 points higher than that of the outstanding scientists of our time – Einstein and Hawking.

A photo from open sources According to the test result, Olivia’s IQ is 162 points (photo:

12-year-old Olivia Manning is considered not only the most intelligent a child, but also one of the most intelligent people in the world, the number which does not exceed 1% of the world’s population. Her ratio mental development is 162 units. This is 100 points more than the average in the world. The girl also bypassed such prominent figures of modern times like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. IQoutstanding scientists are estimated at 160 points. Photo from open source IQ Einstein and Hawking is 160 Thanks to her amazing results, the girl is already received an invitation to join Mensa. Mensa – non-profit organization that unites people who have passed IQ tests better than 98% of people. The only requirement for entry into the oldest and largest organization is a high level of intelligence. The girl herself calmly refers to the title of young genius. – after invitations to Mensa especially nothing has changed. Well, maybe They began to learn more and ask them to do their homework, – Olivia reported. Mensa opens wide before child prodigy opportunities for implementation and provides legal support to its to participants around the world.

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