Irish Girl Dorothy Go – Reincarnation ancient egyptian priestess

Irish Girl Dorothy Go - Reincarnation of the Ancient Egyptian PriestessA photo from open sources

Despite the fact that in the modern media you can find a lot reincarnation materials, many web users do not believe in similar “tales”.

At the same time, an interesting paradox is observed: if the article narrates about the reincarnation of a Tibetan monk, skeptics don’t trust her, as reincarnations, in their opinion, must survive the souls of not only religious ministers, but of all people, including peasants, shepherds, artisans, tramps … If we are talking about reincarnation of a commoner, then doubts arise precisely because that there are no documents about his life and check nothing impossible. With the reincarnation of the greats of this world, this is still the case. worse, because to believe that the soul of Tutankhamun moved, to For example, in the Soviet foreman, the task is completely impossible for a skeptical mind. What can we say about cases when a person gets the soul of an animal? ..

How little Dorothy remembered who she was in the past of life

But today we will talk about the reincarnation of the Egyptian priestess of the temple Pharaoh Seti I in Abydos. Her soul reincarnated as living in XX century Irishwoman Dorothy Eady (Dorothy Go), who is up to three years old seemed the most ordinary baby. But then the girl suffered clinical death, after which it became somewhat “abnormal”, as said the people around her, including her parents.

A photo from open sources

All interests, thoughts, stories and even Dorothy’s dreams were dedicated now to Ancient Egypt, where she, according to her, was a priestess and Pharaoh’s mistress Seti I. For this reason, the girl stopped walking to school, rejected the Catholic religion, but madly in love visit the British Museum, or rather – an exposition dedicated to Ancient Egypt. Several times Dorothy even found herself in mental hospital, however, doctors did not reveal any serious deviations, except for the excessive enthusiasm of the ancient Egyptian history.

In the end, the girl graduated from Plymouth Art School, shoveled a lot of books and other materials related to the country pyramids, and by the age of 27 she had successfully worked in a London magazine, wrote interesting articles about Egypt and painted cartoons on it current politicians.

Dorothy Returns to Cairo

Soon she met the Egyptian Eman Abdel Magid, married married him and went to Cairo. Coming out of the plane, Dorothy fell on the earth and kissed her with the words that finally came back home.

A photo from open sources

When Dorothy Eady had a son, she named the boy Seti, Omm Seti began to call herself, which means “Network Mother.” Female often meditated near the pyramids and even spent nights there. In the time of one of such meditations to her was the spirit of Hor-Ra, who told that in a past life, Dorothy was an ordinary girl named Bentreshite, who lived during the reign of Pharaoh Seti I. Her mother, poor vegetable dealer, died when the girl was only three years old, and the warrior father gave his daughter to be raised in a temple in Abydos. Exactly there Bentreshit chose the path of the virgin priestess, not even suspecting about that will become the concubine of the pharaoh in the future.

The priestess returns to her native temple

Dorothy’s family life did not work out because she was too passionate about her past incarnation. In 1935, the fragile marriage the union broke up, after which the woman devoted herself completely to history and religions of ancient Egypt. When Dorothy turned 52, she settled at the foot of Mount Pega Gap and again began to serve in the “native” temple of Abydos, only now as a translator ancient manuscripts and consultant on Ancient Egypt in general. She was well known to Egyptologists who highly valued a woman for amazing knowledge attributed to her fantastic intuition. So, Dorothy showed the archaeologists where he was the beautiful garden of the temple, in which she first met Seti I, – there really were traces of this ancient structure.

A photo from open sources

Omm Network has repeatedly impressed scientists with its awareness, but in her reincarnation was believed only by ordinary people who came to woman for help: she treated them, using acquired in the past life knowledge from the field of medicine, spiritual practices and so on. TO In a word, Omm Seti said she knows where the tomb is Nefertiti, which archaeologists have unsuccessfully sought to this day. But to open the tomb, according to her, is by no means impossible – this bring a lot of misery to the world. But because scientists have not received from Dorothy’s exact burial coordinates.

This extraordinary woman died in 1981 when she was 77 years. Egyptologists still consider her a great self-taught, amazing who knew a lot about Ancient Egypt, but certainly not the reincarnation of the priestess the temple.

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