Is a new race boy living in China?

Is a new race boy living in China?Photos from open sources of

In the town of Dahua in the south of the People’s Republic of China, he lives a child who may be the first representative of a brand new the human race. A boy named Nong Yusui possesses blue eyes that can not be found even among the inhabitants of the Scandinavian states. The eyes of a young Chinese are neon and glow, like a cat. However, this is not the only amazing feature. young Nong.

A child sees in the dark as well as most of us – in the daytime. Yusui first shared his secret with parents, and then with a school teacher. The teacher decided tell about this phenomenon to compatriots and wrote about the boy’s abilities online. Some time later a skeptical Beijing journalist decided to test this information with the help of doctors. To the defeat of those who arrived professionals left in a dark room nong with ease read everything that he was given.

The boy sees well in complete darkness

Doctors carefully examined the visual organs of the Chinese and came to the conclusion that the boy’s eyes really have an unusual structure. It is assumed that tapetum is present in them – a special layer cells allowing you to see in the dark. Such cells are present in eyes of cats, dogs, raccoons, lemurs, spiders and other creatures. Thanks to tapetum, animals are able to capture in the dark even the most insignificant radiation, and only therefore perfectly see virtually no light. However, not a single person before this ability was not noticed. It is possible that Yusui is the first and so far the only one of these people.

When Nong was born, parents from the first seconds turned attention to the incredible color of the eyes of the baby. Maternity hospital staff were struck no less than the newly made father and mother, however suggested that after a couple of years the boy’s eyes will turn black, like almost all Chinese. Nevertheless, years passed, and this is not happened – the child’s eyes kept a striking neon blue color, and this, apparently, is for life.

It is noteworthy that Yusui does not like bright sunlight and prefers to spend time in the gloom, for example, walking along in the evenings and study in a room with a dim nightlight.

Countrymen call Nong “star boy”, “alien child” and “hybrid”. Many Chinese are convinced that it’s not a random mutation, but a product of evolution, and such there may be more people like Yusui in the future. maybe even that this is another sign of the so-called superpowers indigo children …

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