Is a person able to live 1000 years?

Is a person able to live 1000 years?A photo from open sources

The famous researcher Aubrey de Gray said that today human life can be more than 1000 years!

Even at the dawn of our civilization, humanity was obsessed with the idea preservation of youth, however in those far times there were not those the possibilities of modern science that today can embody this the desire for immortality in reality.

Aubrey de Gray, Co-Founder of the SENS Research Foundation (developing strategies to slow down the aging process), I’m sure that within 30 years there will be methods by which people will be able not only to extend their life for tens of centuries, but also achieve almost unlimited life expectancy, that is immortality.

However, according to the scientist’s research, slow down the processes aging to infinity is much simpler in a healthy baby than in chronic old man diseases. Chances to get immortality as a percentage make up about 80% in the newborn and about 20% in the elderly person.

Working to solve the problem of slowing down the aging process, Gray created a revolutionary type of therapy that kills old cells so that healthy ones can multiply qualitatively, and then restore body tissue.

Gray is confident that his treatments are not just for young, but also for very elderly people. That is, if a person in at the age of 90, he will undergo a course of “cell rejuvenation”, its biological age will be about 60 years. In addition, as it turned out, this the procedure can be carried out repeatedly, as a result of which it is possible “freeze” your age at the maximum mark of rejuvenation, and then maintain it for centuries, perhaps millennia.

Gerontologist believes that the first important step on this path is a demonstration of the process of successful rejuvenation in action. For for this purpose, experiments in mice are already being conducted in the laboratory middle-aged.

We can only hope that the scientist’s experiments will succeed, and soon humanity will have a chance to extend not only his youth, but also his life. And after that, it’s unlikely that the computer will determine your age.

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