Is an Australian child a reincarnation Princess Diana?

Is the Australian child the reincarnation of Princess Diana?A photo from open sources

Famous TV presenter of Australia David Campbell (David Campbell) told in one of the TV shows that his four-year-old son did a series of inexplicable and shocking statements that make suggest that in a past life the boy was a princess Diana.

First, about this, by the way, an article appeared in a journal written after meeting with the father of an unusual child. The man admitted that oddities began much earlier when Billy’s son was only two of the year. It was then that he first pointed to a photograph of Diana and stated: “Look, it’s me when I was a princess.”

A photo from open sources

According to Campbell, the boy went on to argue that in his past life was an English princess Diana. Said, for example, that he had two sons, calling them by name, although nobody ever told the child about the royal british family.

At first, father thought such conversations were fantasies, but when they began to grow into details that the baby simply could not know David Campbell was very surprised and seriously thought. So his son could name a place in Scotland, where Diana often stopped, and also describe in detail the interior of this residence of the princess, known as Balmoral.

A photo from open sources

In the end, the child even remembered his tragic death, that is, Diana’s death, saying that “once sirens appeared – and I’m gone. “Campbell can’t give any logical explanations that his son knows so much about the princess since he was never told about her. A photograph on a postcard, sent to his wife David Lisa, the boy saw quite by accident – and immediately began to recall his past life. By the way, this card with a photograph of Diana, as if deliberately in some inexplicable way appeared in their house since there was no need to send them to her nobody had …

Despite the fact that the article, and then the telecast about reincarnation Lady Diana caused a wide resonance in Australia, why the news here scattered on the Internet, web users mostly reacted to her skeptically. In rebirth, most of our contemporaries just does not believe, and this is evidenced not only by the reaction to similar materials, but mainly human behavior itself: few remember their past lives, and very few who thinks about the future. Otherwise, we would have become much more conscious, responsible and spiritual.

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