Is it possible to change your karma?

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A person has always thought about whether he has his own freedom of choice or is a toy in the hands of a blind fate Maybe the Most High God decides what will happen to each of us? Many believe that everything that must happen is imperative. will happen, as recorded in the Book of Fates. But still I want to think that we are not just puppets who are pulled by invisible ropes puppeteers.

On New Year’s Day, December 30, 1984, the plane is next Moscow-Toronto flight, fell apart and collapsed into cold waters Atlantic Ocean for no apparent reason. All passengers and the crew aboard the liner were lost. Only one survived the passenger.

She was late for registration – Canadian citizen Jennifer Merous, miraculously escaping from a terrible disaster. The newspapers called her lucky, but not even a week has passed before Jennifer died in car accident. Journalists vied with various theories calling the death of a twenty-eight-year-old woman “evil rock” and “predetermined death.” And this story itself became the plot for the cult film about fatal inevitability – “Destination”.

In August 2004, the city of Rostov was shocked by a terrible tragedy. IN overnight the Veresov family lost two daughters who died in car accident. Girls, sixteen and seventeen, rode in fifth in a row wedding car of their close relatives. No one knows what caused this, but the car for some reason skidded. Uncontrollable, he flew into the oncoming lane, right under the wheels of a passing KAMAZ.

Moreover, the third daughter of the Veresovs, having felt something, sat in next car. All this terrible accident happened right on her eyes. Then they began to say that an ax was brought over the Veresovs karma. It’s like someone envied the happiness and peace in this family, turning on some kind of creepy destruction mechanism. And it was envy why. In the modern “troubled” time, when every third marriage breaks up, this family was amazing.

Having lived together for twenty years and produced three beautiful daughters, spouses never even seriously quarreled with each other another, not to mention adultery. Remembering the events of his life, unhappy parents can not understand what they are so terribly guilty of God, than deserve such a cruel punishment.

There is a theory that all diseases, poverty and troubles, are paying for the karmic debts of the past. They are not accidental, as it might seem at first glance. These may be our sins ancestors, or maybe we ourselves, in our past lives, have done something scary. And then they could not or did not consider it necessary on time Correct mistakes. And now, when they are embodied again, we pay by accounts.

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So are those who believe in Fatum right? Prescribed must to happen, do we want it or not? Not so simple. As seen from practice, fate always gives those who stumbled, another chance, so that they can fix the mistakes. The law of karma gave such a chance and Elena Veresova. At the age of forty-seven, she gave birth to triplets, contrary to unfavorable forecasts of doctors. All three boys completely healthy, and Elena is sure that her souls embodied in them dead daughters. Universal balance returned joy to a woman maternity.

Examples in history that indicate that a person can not only cool change your life, but also put off death, great multitude. Skeptics will call such cases luck, and followers of Vedic beliefs and astrologers talk about “lucky” people as owners of happy karma.

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They believe that each person has a program with which he enters this world. Knowing this, you can make more or less the correct idea of ​​the subsequent life and dangers, awaiting everyone. And “forewarned is forearmed,” knowing where you fall, undoubtedly, lay the straws. Observing certain rules and regulations, it will be possible to circumvent all the “pitfalls” of fate, or at least soften the blows.

A person’s karma is like a thread that runs through all his past and future lives. This is the matrix on which everything is written. already happened. Someone has it even and smooth, and someone should will for a long time untie the knots that astrologers call it – karmic. The more such knots on the line of your karma, the You will find more obstacles in your life path. A you tie these knots yourself, or your ancestors tightened them.

Doctors dislike using terms such as karma, soul, or sin, but nevertheless they agree that the vast majority Disease develops on a nervous basis. It may be caused remorse or prolonged exposure to stress. Doctor Medical Sciences I. Knyazkin, says:

“It became clear that the effect of nervous disorders causes the occurrence of some somatic diseases. For example, gastritis, gastric ulcer or various catarrh. Last studies have shown that a person’s bad deeds that torment his conscience, can even result in tumor disease. ”

The most interesting thing is that such nervous diseases are able to contribute changes even to the structure of the DNA cell that records the entire information about our health. She saves her, and then successfully passes by inheritance to the next generation. Flawed DNA carries it to all your descendants.

In Christianity, this phenomenon is called a family curse. IN The Bible is a place that explicitly states that blessings will be received descendants to the seventh generation, and from the damnation it’s not so easy get off! It will persecute the sinner for forty generations! Does this mean that even predisposition to sin or virtue? Religion in this matter and science reached an agreement.

When members of the same kind commit terrible crimes, or indulge in the same vices, without experiencing repentance, included, as it were, a program of self-destruction of the family. IN an example is Semyon Ivanchenko, a “hereditary” alcoholic in the third generation. His grandfather, drunk bitterly, drowned in the river in post-war years.

Semen’s father “joined” in a similar rhythm of life with fourteen years, stole and repeatedly went to prison. At the age of fifty two years he was killed by a drinking companion in a drunken brawl. Semen himself, a thirty-year-old young man, currently unemployed, lives in Samara and has a wife and a son.

Everything seems to be fine, if you do not take into account that the guy is sick he will never have cerebral palsy and his own family. That is, there will be no children. Karma removed the “unnecessary” gene pool from the cycle of incarnations by sending it to correct errors in more low forms.

But such curses are actually rare. A series of failures misplaced poverty or pathological bad luck a person as karmic or hereditary, in fact it turns out to be a simple reluctance to change anything in your life, elemental laziness. Man is ready to believe in incredible miracles, but only not in their own strength!

There are many examples when hopeless patients are miraculously recovered, “begging” relatives or relatives. But what it turns out afterwards? Man, thanks to loved ones and his own desire to survive, gets a second chance to fix mistakes and pay all karmic debts.

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Or maybe someone’s debts will be repaid to themselves. In the end, you can say that the main reason for our troubles is ourselves. Not committing bad deeds, not succumbing to bad habits and acting in conscience, we can change not only karma or fate, but also the future of their descendants. Live in peace with your environment Universe and she will answer the same.

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