Is it possible to give birth to eleven children at once?

Is it possible to give birth to eleven children at once?Photos from open sources of

A resident of India, 42-year-old Maria Fernandez shocked the whole the medical staff of the maternity ward of Riley, since in thirty-seven minutes she gave birth to eleven healthy children, and without cesarean section.

All newborns are boys, though identical twins there were only six of them. All babies were born weighing within one – one and a half feet. Now the kids are feeling fine although they are still in the neonatal ward, requiring intensive care.

As doctor William Roberts told local reporters, he never I didn’t see anything like it, and the doctors were ready for Caesar’s section with such an incredible number of children (this was shown by ultrasound). However, the operation was not required, the babies appeared one after another with amazing constancy and ease, so from the moment the appearance of the first fetus and until the last eleventh all passed about forty minutes.

The only thing that is not entirely natural in this situation is that the fertilization of Maria Fernandez was artificial – extracorporeal (IVF) because this couple there were problems with conception, and after forty years a woman I decided to take such a step in order to finally have children. However the result exceeded all expectations of the spouses themselves, and even more so doctors who performed this artificial insemination and then followed the development of the fetus.

By the way, let’s say that with the staff of the Indian hospital already Guinness World Records contacted.

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