Is the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle uncovered?

Is the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle revealed?Photos from open sources of

In 1964, American author Vincent Gaddis first told the world community about the Bermuda Triangle – an area in Atlantic Ocean, where mysterious disappearances often occur ships and aircraft. The writer for a long time studied the triangular area between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico, collecting impressive statistics on all aircraft and ships that disappeared without a trace here.

Gaddis was right: the sinister Bermuda over the past century the triangle absorbed about seventy-five aircraft and several hundreds of ships. A huge number of theories have been put forward. what is happening. People of science suggested that everything could be to blame. shallows, wandering waves, methane emissions or some source infrasound, detrimental to the human psyche. Paranormal researchers blame aliens on everything portals to parallel worlds, sea monsters and the like.

Does the Bermuda Triangle reveal its secrets?

American meteorologists said the other day that they may managed to reveal the secret of this black spot. Experts believe that the reason for the disappearance of ships lies in obscure hexagonal clouds that periodically appear over Bermuda the triangle. They are clearly visible in satellite imagery, and experts are surprised how no one has ever paid attention to this an anomaly. Scientists have already given it a name – “wind bombs.”

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These weird clouds have a regular hexagonal shape and somewhat reminiscent of a honeycomb. Where do they come from and why have this form, is still unknown. Even more inexplicably, mysterious clouds provoke winds whose speed exceeds sometimes two hundred and seventy kilometers per hour. Steve Miller working at Colorado State University and co-sponsored by research, says that track the boundary of such a cloud it is almost impossible, as well as to predict its appearance.

These water vapor condensation products appear in the atmosphere. unsystematic and unpredictable, and in the most various parts “devilish place.” According to the new theory, it is these formations sink ships and drop planes into the ocean. Hexagonal clouds form as a result of the so-called microexplosions and are essentially incredibly intense flows air. Falling into the water, they are able to lift waves high over thirteen meters!

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American scientists have to study the nature of “wind bombs” and determine how they can be avoided. In addition, another logical question: why are such rare clouds formed just over the infamous Bermuda Triangle? And finally why before the disaster, not a single missing ship or plane gave a distress signal – just instantly disappeared from the radar and all…

Bermuda Triangle Aircraft Siberia

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