Is the secret of crop circles uncovered?

A photo from open sources

A mysterious circle with a diameter of 93 meters, which suddenly appeared in 2013 on a barley field in California called mysterious appearance and inexplicable nature a lot of guesses, assumptions. Having a rather complicated design, the circle could not arise independently, for example, as a result of weather conditions or cataclysms. After careful analysis of the video and photo of the mysterious circle, some experts began to argue that these sensational photo and video materials are a real deception, while others are sure – the circle is real! The very fact of the circle very soon became the subject of controversy, speculation and speculation. Especially acute representatives of various paranormal sciences, some of them even managed to decipher in his drawing a hidden unearthly message about the imminent comet, which can destroy life on our planet in 2014. The mystery of the circle remained unresolved until 5.01.2014, while Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the true creators of the circle did not openly declare their spectacular albeit an unusual advertisement. Marketing Specialists Nvidia’s computer graphics explained that “circles on fields “are not an astronomical calendar or warning about the coming collision with a comet. Unusual circle – drawing of a new revolutionary mobile Tegra K1, whose complex design recreated on the field a small group of British artists. The Mysterious Circle is an excellent advertising move that made people pay close attention to the company’s new product, even before it official debut. Why do people still want to believe in such obvious hoaxes? Part of the answer is that human the brain aims to seek meaning in everything that happens even when no sense and no. In psychology, this tendency to search coincidences and random connections is called cognitive distortion. A maybe people just want to believe in miracles, in an alien reason and that they are not alone in the universe?

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