It happened in California

It happened in California.Photos from open sources

Despite the fact that this amazing event occurred on July 10 1999, information about him fell into the World Wide Web only Now, or more precisely, someone (let’s call him Bill, because the person decided to stay incognito) addressed this “news” in The World Wide UFO Network (MUFON) is only February 19 this year.

The unusual phenomenon of that day hit the American so much that he still can’t forget about him. And did not talk about him for a wide audience to this day only because, on the one hand, considered – all these are things of the past days, and on the other – confirmations of that paranormal on the road in the form of a video or at least a picture of him not. Eighteen years ago, people didn’t go, like today, all without exception with smartphones on which cameras are installed, and there were no DVRs on the machines yet.

Namely on that clear summer day on the highway near Santa Margarita Ranch (this is approximately the center of the state California) Bill was driving with his friends in a car, when suddenly … ahead a few meters from her appeared a bright ball. He was so fiery that even on a sunny day he blinded the guys located in the car. At the same time, the ball shimmered, changing shades. is he seemed not material, but woven as if from the sunniest light with its rainbow tints.

And the UFO was moving in front of the car at the speed of the car, which at the time of the appearance of this miracle was walking along the highway 60 kilometers per hour. Bill deliberately slowed down, fearing crash into an object flying in front of the car, but also a mysterious ball immediately slowed down his movement. And when Bill pressed the pedal again gas, then the fire satellite flew alive. It felt like this sun ball is either watching the car, or just playing with the guys in it. His actions were clearly meaningful and pursued some incomprehensible goal for people.

Then the ball also instantly disappeared, as it appeared in front of the car. The mysterious performance took no more than a minute, but crashed into the memory of Americans for life. According to Bill, on the track in this time there were many other cars, whose drivers could also see this amazing UFO. But have you ever seen? This is not bill knows and cannot claim at least no sensational notes on this subject in the media then did not appear. Or maybe people just like the witnesses of this fireball felt that it would be prudent to keep silent about such a miracle – even for crazy will …

Pictured: image created by Bill in Photoshop that UFO that he and his friends observed on July 1999 day of the year.

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