It happens: an American was bitten by a shark, grizzly bear and rattlesnake

“ButA photo from open sources

This 20 year old American named Dylan McWilliams of Colorado is called today one of our most unlucky people. the planet. Or the luckiest – how to look at his situation. Behind the last three years the young man has been attacked by a fierce sharks, adult grizzly bear and poisonous rattlesnake.

Mathematicians interested in the unusual fate of an inveterate traveler, calculated that his chances of being bitten by three so dangerous creatures amounted to 893.35 quadrillion to one! However, even more striking is the fact that McWilliam remained alive and healthy after all his misadventures.

In April 2016, our hero rested in Hawaii and, floating on blackboard, was bitten by a shark leg. Limb saved, and Dylan, surprise of family and friends, even quickly restored it working capacity. However, as the doctors say, if the fish grabbed him with his teeth a little higher, McWilliams would have remained disabled or even died of heavy blood loss.

In July 2017, a man traveled through the mountains of Colorado and suddenly came across a matured grizzly. The bear pounced on a tourist and bit him on the head. Bleeding american miraculously fought off the predator and returned to his group, where he bandaged the wound and promptly called an ambulance helicopter help. ”

Well, this month the young man went hiking through the forests of Utah and was bitten by a rattlesnake. McWilliams and in this case, as they say, came out of the water dry, sucking as much as possible poison from the wound and miraculously retaining consciousness on the way back to civilization, where again he was promptly provided with the necessary medical help.

At the same time, an avid tourist does not even think about giving up his a hobby, despite the fact that it is a real “magnet” for all dangerous creatures and accidents. His friends are joking (and maybe seriously) they say that it’s time for Dylan to enter in the Book of Records Guinness, as the most unlucky-lucky tourist of our planet.

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