It is believed that in Indiana there are gates to hell

It is believed that the gates to hell are in IndianaPhoto from open sources

Many people believe that gates to hell exist and can be found in American city of Brazil, Indiana. According to legends, in there are as many as seven different Wabash Valley areas entrances to the netherworld itself. According to rumors, over one of the gates once the train went off the rails, and all the passengers were killed, going straight to fiery hell. It is alleged that in these places constantly occur supernatural phenomena.

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The frightening properties of the “gates of hell”

The townspeople are happy to tell you that in the dark here the presence of paranormalism is especially strongly felt. From local the tunnels scream and cry at night. They can also be heard with the above mentioned railways and from nearby forests. Exactly dirty abandoned tunnels are considered entrances to where no one a reasonable person would not want to get into. However, located a lot of daredevils who want, if not to look into hell, then at least to approach him, that is, to meet with his spirits.

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It is assumed that everyone who comes here in the witch’s hour (with midnight to three at night), after about thirty minutes it will become witnessing the appearance of a ghost guard in one of the tunnels. Rumor has it that it looks like a two-meter whitish human a figure who utters a wild inhuman cry and begins pursue unreasonable lovers to tickle their nerves. If an imprudent fool is not lucky; a ghost will take him away forever to the kingdom of the dead.

Real loss and death

According to some reports, in the Washash Valley area in fact people disappear without a trace. The last known extinction had place on the night of September 12, 2010. 15 year old Alicia Emery went to one of the tunnels with three comrades and volunteered to be the first to enter a pitch dark underground structure. Not minutes passed as the girl yelled heartbrokenly, then her voice abruptly broke off. The schoolgirl’s friends immediately rushed away. Emery which still not found, recognized as a result of missing. Police concluded that it was an abduction, however believers in abnormal tunnel properties are considered different.

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Someone claims that occult events are held here at night. rituals: from frivolous teenagers to the most real, with sacrifices of animals and even people. Near the “gate to hell” sometimes indeed find the corpses of birds, rats, cats and dogs. Fortunately, human bodies, even their individual remains, in these places are not yet appeared. Law enforcement officers, however, are also wary of murders animals, not to mention the disappearance of Alicia Emery here, therefore pay special attention to this area when patrolling cities.

A ritual to go to hell by car

One of the rituals that hypothetically allow you to go to hell from here, requires a car. Need to drive up after midnight to anyone tunnel and blink headlights into it, then drive inside.

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Some eyewitnesses claim that the walls are oozing blood, and someone invisible starts pounding on the windows of the car. Around loud screams and sobs are heard. If it does not stop reckless driver, he should drive through the tunnel and do something the same with the six remaining “gates”. Some say you go straight to hell; others report that you can look into him and, with luck, safely return back.

One American said that, in fact, he looked in into the underworld and saw nothing there except the infinitely deep blackness …

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