It turns out a fusion reactor can build a house even a child

It turns out that even a child can build a fusion reactorA photo from open sources

At least something similar was demonstrated. a thirteen-year-old American Oswalt Jackson who from an early age carried away by nuclear physics.

While his peers were playing computer games or watched science fiction films, Oswalt assembled a compact reactor thermonuclear fusion. Just say that the laboratory, like everyone the necessary equipment was purchased by his parents, spending on it more than 10 thousand dollars.

A photo from open sources

And on the eve of his thirteenth birthday, young using a charge of 50 thousand volts, he managed to push the thermonuclear fusion into he created the reactor two atoms of gaseous deuterium, draining them nuclei through the active plasma zone.

A photo from open sources

Currently, Jackson Jr. has eliminated all the shortcomings of his systems and even boasted on the forum that the results, which he achieved are truly impressive and worth something. True, the achievements of Oswalt were highly praised only by journalists and nuclear physicists, but not the same age as the American geek, who continue to believe that their age is more pleasant and even it might be more beneficial to play computer games rather than cost atomic home reactors. But, as they say, to each his own …


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