Italian ghost train: new the details

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Even on our portal about this amazing ghost train, which on July 14, 1911 went from Rome on a pleasure flight and gone, a lot has been written. Recall that a train consisting of only three wagons with 106 wealthy Italian passengers at one point, drove into the kilometer-long tunnel of Lombardi and … literally dissolved in it (two participants observed this “cruise”, in time to jump from the steps of the car).

The train was never found, the entrances to the mysterious tunnel just in case the case was stoned, and the bomb of World War II brought down his vaults, forever burying this secret in terms of archeology.

From an esoteric point of view, the mysterious train just got into the loop time-space, and therefore began to appear in different parts light and at different times (appears supposedly still). He was seen (and this is the most striking) in Mexico in 1845, that is, a train to in this case, “failed” in the past. Here remaining in it (not able to jump on time) 104 passengers safely got off Mexico City and also safely soon ended up in a mental hospital. Its more than once met in Italy itself, as well as in Germany, many times in Russia, for example, near Balaklava in the Crimea, in Ukraine and so on. And this happened at different times and in the most amazing places.

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Amazing because the old train was moving rails, as if otherwise could not, although almost all modern the railway does not fit under it wheels.

Even more striking is the fact that they saw him not only on railways, but also in subways, for example, in Moscow subway. For many years this information was kept secret, but now they surfaced, and it follows from them that the Italian ghost train (as described by him) in 1975 was seen on the ring line metro, why this most important branch was for a while blocked. The second time it happened in 1981 near the station Bagrationovskaya.

We saw him more than once on the railway tracks of the Moscow Region, to for example, in 1986 a ghost train appeared near the station “Solntsevo” Kiev railway, the local train driver noticed him on Ways and immediately reported this to the dispatcher, but the “ghost” is also suddenly disappeared, as it appeared.

As a rule, a ghost train is announced at night, but sometimes this happens in the early morning or evening, when it is already getting dark. And this also remains a mystery, as well as why he certainly chooses rails (or at least trackless abandoned railway tracks), although, according to eyewitnesses, it’s not going, but literally “floating” over them silently and sadly …

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