Italian mystic island of Gaola

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In the Gulf of Naples, right off the coast of the Italian region The campaign is a double islet (consisting of two halves, connected by a narrow stone bridge) called Guyola. Isle attracts tourists and vacationers, because it is picturesque nature, excellent beach, interesting abandoned villa, and to swim to it – a couple of trifles, because to the mainland, as It is said that it’s a stone’s throw from here.

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However, despite all the advantages described above, the island Gaiola is uninhabited, or rather, no one lives on it, although it would seem … Besides any tourist who first came here, it is surprising: someone built a luxurious villa on it? ..

The Italians themselves (locals of Campania) consider this place damned, calling the mysterious island a killer. According to local legend, once upon a time there was a hermit sorcerer on Gayola. It was an ascetic, who lived in a cave and was content with fruits and vegetables that gave him an islet. But once this wizard just disappeared, and no one knows what really happened to him. However his disappearance was a real curse for the island itself …

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True, over time, the true state of affairs began to be forgotten, and soon there was one who wanted to settle here – he built on Gaiola villa. Unfortunately, the name of this enterprising person is not preserved, but in the memory of Italians a strange story remained the death of the owner of the villa is sudden and it’s not clear why …

It would be possible to attribute this demise to chance, but behind it followed by a whole chain of the same sudden and strange deaths of heirs who tried to settle and live in chic villa on a mysterious island. All this served that Gaiola was considered a cursed place.

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True, this did not scare the rich young Hans Brown, who bought an island with a villa and settled in it with a beautiful spouse. That was in 1920. The newlyweds were immensely happy and hoped to live in this paradise forever. But once a girl went to the mainland for something, and when returned, then found her lover dead. And the corpse Hansa was strangely wrapped in a bedside carpet, while no traces of violent were found on the body of the deceased death … even stranger to the locals seemed death itself the girl who happened a week later – the corpse of Mrs. Brown found in the waters of the bay …

For a long time no one dared to settle on the damned island, but in the end there was a convinced atheist who did not believe in any mystical stories, a German by birth Otto Grunback – died on villa soon from a heart attack. The same fate befell another skeptic, Maurice Sandoz, who laughed at all these Guyol’s “fictional horror movies, but suddenly … he killed suicide. And this despite the fact that this lover is the least suffered from suicidal tendencies …

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The last owner of Gaiola was someone Fiat Gianni Agnelli, who I didn’t even dare to visit the island, not to mention spend the night in a villa. As he himself claimed, this damned possession hung over him and his family, even at a distance. Right after acquisitions of the island fell on Agnelli’s relatives misfortunes: his son hanged himself, his beloved nephew died of cancer, not to mention the smaller tragedies in the life of the unlucky Fiat. Finally, the island was transferred to the county, but the villa has since been just abandoned.

Would you like to purchase this exotic property? They say that it stands mere trifles. However the mysterious island along with once chic (even today outwardly attractive) villa is not Interested in something, even wealthy suicides, not to mention entrepreneurs (by the way, one of those who wanted to organize here the tourism business also ended badly – strangely fast went bankrupt and fired a bullet at his temple). So wishing Gaiola is not yet available and is not even expected, but relax on an exotic island, listen to scary stories about it – there are more than enough such people …

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