It’s useful to listen to music, but to play it yourself – also does not hurt

It’s useful to listen to music, but playing it yourself - it’s not a hindrance eitherA photo from open sources

It’s a long-known fact that good music can heal many mental (and not only) diseases. For example, all famous French actor Gerard Depardieu since childhood was a stutter, immortal music helped him recover from this ailment Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

But American scientists from the University of California after long and numerous studies have concluded that the game on musical instruments reduces the risk of becoming moronic, say, in old age. True, scientists still failed to reveal the mechanism the magical effects of music on our body.

American researchers watched the twins predisposed to dementia (dementia). Having studied the behavior and habits of nearly two hundred pairs of twins, they found that a twin who enjoys playing any musical instrument, practically not affected by this terrible and incomprehensible disease.

While scientists adhere to the version that people playing on musical instruments, have enhanced cognitive reserve, which helps increase brain cell activity, and in the end all this prevents the occurrence of dementia.

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