Janusz Kvaležek: “I just know how to go through walls”

Janusz Kvalezhek:A photo from open sources

On the Internet you can find dozens of articles about people who possessed tremendous ability to pass through walls. All articles sin a common drawback is the lack of specific data: names, surnames, Dates Meet Janusz Kvalezhek. His unusual ability is not It was only documented, but also studied in scientific laboratories.

Case at the railway tracks

The end of the XIX century, Poland. Near the railroad tracks playing football. The ball kicked by someone was on the rails. The 10-year-old kid, excited by the game, rushed after the ball, not paying attention to the approaching train: “I’ll catch it!” Once on the paths, he bent over, grabbed the ball, straightened up – he was right on him locomotive in clubs of steam. Football players watching all this terrified.

When the train passed, they saw their comrade standing on that side of the rails with the ball in his hands “Well done, I’ve done it!” – enthusiastically they clapped a friend on the back. Janusz smiled and did not know that to answer – he surely was sure that he had not had time.

Missing Fishing Rods

Two years have passed. “Yanek, you rascal! Have you taken my fishing rods ?!” – “Not took, grandfather, honestly, did not take! “But the grandfather did not believe and locked naughty grandson in a closet. The boy was just furious – well, not he took those fishing rods! And today they were going to go to Wisla swim and Kazimierz promised to bring and show a new the American knife that his father gave him, four in a knife blades, awls and scissors! Janusz darted around the closet like a tiger. In recently the book he read about David of Sasun the Armenian hero Mher the younger took anger and went into the rock. “The uterus of Bosque!”, – the boy rushed to the wall … and turned out to be outside.

Soon, parents stopped punishing their son, locking him in closet – the boy inexplicably managed every time get out of it. They tried to lock in a bath – the same result. Parents waved and struck out house arrest punishments.

“Penetrating Through Walls”

In 1905, 25-year-old Janusz Kvaležek was detained by police for went on strike and taken to prison. Four days passed and on the table of the head of the prison lay a document that “the arrested Janusz Kvalezhek for violation of the internal routine was put in a punishment cell, from where inexplicably disappeared. “He was caught, again put in prison – and he again “escaped.” Kvalezhek earned a reputation “a man penetrating walls” and became the hero of newspapers.

In 1922, fate brought Kvalezhek with the Polish theoretical physicist Heinrich Shokolsky. The meeting took place in prison (and where else!). Kvalezhek was constantly detained either on suspicion of theft, or how robber – Janusz joked that this is how he pays for his gift, a teacher at Shokolsky University was detained for participating in student unrest.

The Polish scientist became interested in an unusual cellmate and like All, I asked the question, how does he manage to escape from prisons? Hearing in the answer “I just can walk through walls” did not laugh, but took the words seriously. With this he bribed Kvalezhek.

Pan Shokolsky among his colleagues had the eccentric fame of science, he was interested in phenomena that science could not explain and therefore did not recognize: poltergeist, telekinesis, relocation of souls, etc. He is all asked and questioned his cellmate: what’s that feels when it passes through a wall? On an empty stomach he does it or with full stomach? Whether it can take place at any time of the year or day through the walls? Does it depend on his mood? And in the end asked Janusz to demonstrate his abilities. That night prisoner Kvalezhek disappeared once again, and Shokolsky with his I saw with my eyes that it was possible to pass through the wall.

When the scientist was released, he found Kvalezhek and invited him to his laboratory to participate in the study of the phenomenon of teleportation. Janusz agreed.

Shokolsky’s research

Kvalezhek passed through the wall in the presence of Shokolsky and his laboratory assistant Adam Stankevich dozens of times. The scientist recorded that in during the experiments, the test subject had a change in body temperature, cardiac rhythm. “Leaving,” he left a greasy imprint of his body on the wall, how a person leaves fingerprints on objects or in the palm of your hand. Kvalezhek passed through wood, brick, concrete and all other materials except glass.

The scientist put forward the theory that Kvalezhek has the ability create around you a specific field within which matter changes its properties. However none of the many instruments did not record the manifestations of this “X-field”, as he called it scientist.

Shokolsky was delighted, and planned a whole series experiments, but the study was not completed. Once Qualezhek entered the wall and did not go out from the back. Apparently a Pole stumbled between worlds and stayed there forever.

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