Japanese robinson

On a desert island, the Japanese Robinson Crusoe has been living for 20 years. An unusual hermit lives in Japan. 76 year old Masafumi Nagasaki settled on the tiny tropical islet of Sotobanari, next to the island of Iriomote. Japanese “Robinson” lives on the island for 20 years, where there is not even fresh water, and he gets food himself. Time from time, an elderly person still needs money to purchase goods from ships. And then his brother gives him material help. Japanese RobinsonPhoto from open sources Shortly after arriving on Nagasaki Island completely abandoned clothes. His desire to walk naked he explains the desire to get closer to nature: walking naked among people – maybe not normal, but here – on the island – it’s like minimum natural, like a uniform. When you dress here – you feel like an eccentric. “Before you leave your usual image life, he worked as a photographer in the entertainment industry in Japan. However, with the retirement age, Nagasaki wanted radically change your life. Photo from open source “I do not do what society dictates to me, I I follow the laws of nature. We cannot defeat nature, therefore the only thing we can do is completely obey her. It’s me I realized almost immediately how I arrived. Maybe that’s why I feel so good here. Photo from open source Someone considers it normal to die in a hospital or in the family circle. I decided to choose nature. Is it possible to come up with something better? “Nagasaki explained.

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