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Japan is a unique country with a very specific culture and traditions. They believe in ghosts and devilry from time immemorial times, so it’s not surprising that the Japanese have many frightening urban legends that will make you feel running through the back chill even the most daring of us. Below The most interesting and creepy of these myths are presented.

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Response man

The man-response is an ethereal spirit who knows the answers to all questions. To contact him, you need to get together at ten, get up at exactly midnight in a circle and call the mobile of the one on your left. By the logic of things, everything Cell phones will be busy, but one of the participants may lucky enough to get through to the Human Response. The last one will ask you a tricky riddle. If you solve it, the spirit will respond to any Your question. Otherwise, he will take any part from you. bodies in the future to find their own flesh.

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Himuro Mansion

Members of the ancient Himuro family had a terrible custom. To shield themselves from evil spirits, they committed every fifty years sacrifice. For this, one of the young girls in the family agreed to be tied, and the ends of the ropes tied to three to oxen, which accelerated and tore the unfortunate body into pieces. Once there were no volunteers, and the family forcibly killed such way relative. She cursed the whole race before death, and in for fifty years the once-large family is completely degenerated. They say that the ghosts of the previous owners are still live in a mansion that has become a museum.

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Hell tomino

“Hell Tomino” is a damned poem written in 1919 year by the Japanese poet Yomota Inuhiko. A work telling about a girl named Tomino, who died and fell into the underworld, you can’t read aloud, otherwise something unpleasant may happen to you until death.

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Inunaki Village

Inunaki village is a legendary village, which supposedly exists somewhere in the mountains of Japan. They do not work here no laws and cannibalism, incest, sacrifices and black magic. If you had the misfortune to step on territory of the village, you will never return from here. Or you killed, or you have to become a full member of this creepy communities and lose their souls as a result of such a life.

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Girl from the gap

If you ever find yourself in Japan and stay at one from local hotels, try to look less at the gaps in the walls and between the furniture. According to another myth, there may unexpectedly seem female face. A stranger will tell you that if you see her one more time, she will take you straight to hell. Thereafter the ghost will try by all means to catch your eye to keep your promise and take possession of your soul.

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The Japanese habit of wearing gauze bandages in winter also played a role role in the modern folklore of the Land of the Rising Sun. Kutisake-onna is a woman who can be found in Japanese cities during outbreaks of flu and other diseases. She always wears a bandage on his face. If you meet Kutisake-onna on an empty street, she will come to you and expose your face. The woman’s mouth will be cut to the ears. She will ask you: “Do you consider me beautiful? “If you answer negatively, the spirit will be angry and tear you to pieces. If you say yes, a woman will get big scissors and cut your cheeks in the same way to make beautiful and you.

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Teke teke

Teke-teke – an even more terrifying spirit from the modern city legends. Once it was a beautiful girl who decided commit suicide and jumped under the rails of the subway. Japanese woman cut in half, and since then the upper part of her body has moved along the streets of the country, making characteristic popping sounds. The ghost is capable move very fast, and if you meet him face face, he will certainly begin to pursue you. In the event that he will be able to catch up with a person, his death will be so terrible that this moment is not even specified in the legend.

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Doll okiku

Once a doll with that name belonged to a small Japanese to the girl. Her parents were so cruel that they allowed their daughter die from the cold. The baby’s soul has moved into a favorite toy, and since then, the doll began to grow human hair. Notably that in the Japanese temple of Mannengi there really is a doll with such by the name and, according to the priests, the toys actually grow hair that has to be cut periodically.

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Kiyotaki Tunnel

The number four is considered unkind by the Japanese. In the Land of the Rising they are so afraid of the sun so much that all the buildings here are being built without a fourth floor, that is, after the third, immediately goes the fifth. When a tunnel with a length of four hundred was built in northern Japan forty-four meters, terrible things started to happen right away events. Ghosts periodically appear on the road, which lead to numerous accidents. Believed dead in the tunnel drivers join the spirits provoking all new car wrecks. According to official statistics, the accident here really happen much more often than in other Japanese tunnels.

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In Russian, the Japanese word “chitobashira” is translated as “living pillars”. In ancient Japan, it was believed that a person alive walled up in one of the pillars of the building, will drive away from the construction of evil spirits and allow him to stand for many centuries. Such a barbaric custom really practiced here in the Middle Ages – for example, in the base of Maruoka Castle, pictured above, alive walled up a blind peasant woman. Japan has a large number buildings over the age of four hundred, and it is believed that among there are none where the remains of the next one would not rest in concrete miserable.

Dolls Sun Japan

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