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Not every resident of the Israeli capital knows what he has in the city has a real damn house whose destructive energy is confirmed not by rumors and speculation, but by statistics mysterious deaths. Here on the corner of Ibn Ezra Street and Boulevard Ben Maimon is a building known among old-timers as “house of death.”

Three and a half decades ago, when this building was still two-story, there was a strong fire in it, leaving only the house charred stone skeleton. At the same time, they escaped from a blazing fire all tenants except the hostess. Elderly businesswoman poisoned carbon monoxide, and her corpse burned to the bone – just like this house women, bringing her a solid income.

The building was inherited by the relatives of the deceased. Those restored the building and began to take it again apartments. But soon they were horrified to find that not so long ago a burnt house requires new human victims. Tenants were dying here, like flies, and it was not only about the elderly, but also about young people. Personalities in the prime of life who lived here fell ill with oncology, crashed in car accidents and just suddenly for no reason, they fell from the stairs, breaking their necks. Lodgers started to leave the house rapidly, despite everything going down cost of living – own life is more expensive than any money.

The cause of the misfortune in the “house of death”

The local rabbi decided to find out the nature of this anomaly and turned to city archives. Having rummaged in them, the priest with surprise found that the building is located in an ancient Jewish cemetery era of the Second Jerusalem Temple. The rabbi considered perfume the people buried here were disturbed by the construction site, and then fire, after which they began to get up from the graves and take to themselves alive.

The city government learned about this from a meticulous rabbi, but give The decision to demolish the house was refused. Long-suffering building It has long been declared a monument of antiquity, and it turned out to destroy it illegally.

A few years later, a half-empty construction was acquired by a certain lawyer. Citizens who were not particularly superstitious and continued to rent apartments here because of their penny value received from the new owner a substantial compensation and moved out. The lawyer decided to complete the house three more floors and even received from city ​​authorities permission to do so, but did not bring the plan to end…

No, he did not die, but for a mysterious reason he was forced into a hurry sell a house. The buyer was a rich English surname Rosenberg It was Mr. Rosenberg who erected those three additional floors, which his predecessor dreamed of. One of the British have left the largest apartments on the first floor, and the rest decided again to rent out to fellow countrymen and Arriving.

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Ibn Ezra Street and Ben Maimon Boulevard are located in one of the most expensive and prestigious areas of Jerusalem. Among the lush greens are beautiful comfortable houses in the style of “Bauhaus”, built during the British Mandate in Palestine. Here it’s almost impossible to find empty apartments … except for those that located in the Rosenberg building. In the “house of death” is still populated only one apartment, and the owners of the building live in it. Yes and that – very rarely…

No one dares to rent the rest of the apartments at any circumstances. People are sure that the house is populated by angry spirits that can harm the living: click on them serious illness, misfortune, or even take to the grave … In connection with it would be interesting to know why the lawyer suddenly refused of their plans and hastily sold the “house of death”, and the current owners why are they so rare here? Rumor has it that Rosenbergs looking for a new buyer “prestigious mansion”, but … not yet find such a madman …

A photo from open sources


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