Joe Telemann sees crimes that still only destined to happen

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Sometimes the Canberra Police Department (Australia) gets open the envelope with the inscription on a certain day and time. it clairvoyant Joe Telemann tells the police the details of the crime, which is still destined to happen. Data from open in the appointed term of the envelope will help to find and expose the criminals. The pleas of a long-dead mother Twenty-five-year-old port worker Joe Telemann, if he was different than other people, it’s only for the worse. Walk, a lover of drink and a fight, passionate lover of port beauties, Joe in the company of girlfriends on the weekend scampering around the city in his car, scaring passers-by. One such Travel ended in an accident; Joe survived a clinical death. While in a coma, he saw his long-dead mother. She convinced son to give up a dissolute life, Joe is endowed with the gift of prophecy, his duty – to help the humiliated and offended. Recovering Joe reacted to vision as a hallucination and did not change anything in his life. In less than two months, he again ended up in the hospital and in the second time he experienced a clinical death and again saw his mother. Joe promised his mother to fulfill her commandments, but leaving the hospital quickly forgot my words. Soon he was again in the hospital and again in a coma. After a third meeting with his mother, Joe really left the hospital by another person. Volunteer Police Assistant Today Joe Telemann actively collaborates with the Australian police. Thanks to gift, he sees crimes that will appear in a few days in the criminal report. Plunging into a trance, he seems to be in the body of the criminal, sees everything with his eyes, reads his thoughts. After every such “session” Joe exhausted and broken, because he becomes involuntary witness of terrible crimes, hears the cries of the victim, her pleas for help. His soul is literally bleeding. After the visions Telemann restores physical and mental strength for a long time. Joe cannot indicate where, when, and by whom the crime is committed, but his information helps to make an accurate picture of the event, psychological portrait of the criminal and go on his trail. Wrong it is rare, the percentage of errors in forecasts does not exceed 1.5. Via Joe was uncovered several dozen serious crimes. Sometimes the police themselves turn to Telemann. Knowing the price he gets information, they do it very rarely, and only in exceptional cases. The case of maniac rapists In 2006 the capital of Australia was terrorized by a gang of maniac rapists teenagers. Having abused, the bastards every time killed the victim. The police staged a hunt, they even managed to shoot one bandit, but the rest left the chase in a speeding car. Further searches did not bring results. Telemann to whom the police appealed, arrived at the place of burial of the offender, put his hands on the grave and plunged into a trance. Joe told the scary details of the crimes committed, described the appearance of the criminals and indicated the place where they were hiding. He warned that criminals have automatic weapons, but at the moment they’re not resisting capable, because they are in the state of the strongest drug intoxication. Therefore, the police should hurry if ministers of the law want the detention to go without victims. Weakened Joe was taken to the car under his arms, and the police went to the specified address, where they took the whole gang without a single shots. The media sings Telemans praises. Joe himself perceives them very painful and dreams of using his gift not to disclose crime, and prevent them.

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