Journey to the Other World

Journey to the Other WorldPhotos from open sources Documentary film “One-way ticket” can be with the same right call a journey to the afterlife, as it examines mysterious disappearances of people in the anomalous zones, the so-called triangles like Bermuda. By the way, on the whole Earth such there are many zones, and one of them is in the Urals in the Sverdlovsk region.

It is here on June 11, 2012 from a small airfield the city of Serov flew AN-2, on board which were several a man flew out without any permission for such a flight and – disappeared without a trace.

Surprisingly, all passengers on this flight were selected somehow strange: none of them planned to fly, many were even afraid air flights. Natalya Shat’s son, for example, generally lay in this high day, but after a mysterious phone the bell suddenly got out of bed and drove to the airport. All passengers came here like a fire, according to eyewitnesses, as if someone torn by force from usual affairs and forced to hurry, so as not to miss this mysterious flight.

The only person who did not fly on that unfortunate the plane was Sergey Frolov. According to his story, a friend called him and suggested poisoning on an exciting journey by plane. Sergei refused, because he did not like the offer: neither its mystery, neither the plane (“corncob”), nor even the number ticket – the thirteenth.

Presumably, the AN-2 flew to a mysterious mountain The dead, which the locals – Khanty and Mansi bypass, considering that an evil spirit lives on her. This mountain is also called Dyatlov Pass, since in 1959 a group of Soviet students headed by Igor Dyatlov went here skiing and disappeared. Later, all the bodies of the expedition members were found. Boys and the girls were killed, but somehow mysteriously killed: on their bodies were not wounds, but the insides are like someone turned over. Also on the faces of the expedition members were horrified, it was no accident that they threw their tents and almost undressed ran along the stitch until they were overtook death. The reasons for the tragedy have not yet been clarified …

Some researchers explain all these mysterious phenomena. transition to parallel worlds, precisely for this reason, they say, the plane disappeared near the mountain of Death. But why then were so scared members of the Dyatlov expedition, and who so mystically cleverly prepared the crew of the AN-2 to fly, that people ran there, as if losing their minds? After all, at that moment they were not yet on the mountain, that is, they were like would be outside the zone of this mysterious triangle.

A photo from open sources

So far, such phenomena as the mysterious an Italian ghost train that travels in space and time since 1914. The same ghost train is in Moscow Metro, running along the ring line. He is seen at least at least once a month, and in old cars strangely dressed people, and the presence of a conductor indicates that the train is riding here already more than half a century.

No less mysterious and constantly across the open sea ships without crews, and, as a rule, rescuers on board catch the moment, as if people had just left the ship: even hotter coffee, laid table and so on.

And in the ancient burial of China recently found modern Swiss Watches. The survey showed that this watch, like other artifacts found here, many thousands of years, that is, hit they are here when Switzerland itself was not in the world. Explanation here may be one – time travel is possible. it many facts confirm, including the chronicle, according to which passengers from that mysterious italian ghost train were discovered in Mexico long before they are poisoned on that fateful journey. Naturally, in Mexico City, everyone was waiting for them. a mental hospital, where did the record about strange Italians stating even stranger things …

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