Julia Vorobyova – Incredible x-ray woman

In the not so distant Soviet time, Julia lived in Donetsk Vorobyov, whose phenomenon was called the “Donetsk miracle”. This the phenomenon was studied by scientists and parapsychologists of the Union and world Congresses. Yulia Vorobyeva unexpectedly received a gift of sight of type x-ray. She became so famous that she diagnosed the most famous people not only of the USSR, but also of the world. They wrote about her legends. She was dedicated to poems and novels. About her talent written dozens of books. But today, Julia Vorobyova does not communicate with the press, quietly lives in a suburb of Donetsk on a modest pension of a disabled person …

The story began on March 3, 1978 at the Donetsk mine, when crane operator Vorobyova accepted the shift. She got into the cab, clicked on buttons. And suddenly … crack, flash, thump – current discharge 380 volt, as experts will later evaluate.

The crane operator died on the spot. Her body was taken to the morgue. On the the third day after the tragedy, the hospital morgue came trainees, led by the curator of the course. “Cut your little finger legs, “the head of the course pointed to the corpse of a crane operator to one of guys. A moment later, blood poured from the cut little finger … From no corpses of blood flowing! On the same day, the whole city discussed the sensation: the woman who died from electric shock came to life.

Almost a year, Julia Vorobyova spent in hospitals. Everything is there first once it happened. A woman lay next to her in the room. Once her relatives visited. After they left, Vorobyeva burst out: “At you will soon be buried. “She said – and she was scared for said: how could she blurt out? Died the next day the father of that woman.

And when she first went out, Julia almost went crazy. She suddenly saw the organs of passers-by – as if on an x-ray apparatus. And she began a new life. She “scanned” Yuri Andropov, Boris Yeltsin, Viktor Chernomyrdin, the Gorbachev couple and almost the entire composition of the Soviet Politburo. Vorobeva set diagnoses to Soviet and Western pop stars, film artists and theater. Of the world’s celebrities, her patients were Mother Teresa, Papa Roman, couple Mitterrand, etc. And never Julia was mistaken in her forecasts.

The press wrote about her, and after each publication in her entrance lined up a live queue. They came from all over the world! Porch guarded by the police. It was difficult for her, because they came not with a sore throat, but with much more serious diseases, and she not only diagnosed, but also treated – with his hands.

Scientists who examined Vorobyov claimed that during “viewing” she inhibited the work of all organs, only the brain and heart functioned. And after each “view” Julia became ill. What about the patient? Studies have found that after scanning, then for eight hours everything plots abundantly supplied with blood. But it is known that most of our diseases – due to circulatory disorders.

Julia Vorobyova - The Incredible X-ray WomanA photo from open sources

According to scientists, Vorobyeva observed electromagnetic millimeter-wave radiation. She saw that which is not showed ultrasound. Star City Chief Physician Sergei Ponomarev said of Vorobyeva: “Yes, no ultrasound can compare with her!” On the for three years she examined all the astronauts before the flight. After that, Julia was made an honorary citizen of Star City.

In 1987, she was asked to see her eight-month-old son. a senior official from the Central Committee of Georgia. Boy hit car accident, fell into a coma. Julia arrived in Tbilisi, looked at child and found a blood clot that did not allow the baby to live. Forty minutes she worked on that patient … Now he lives in Russia, gave a lot of interviews about this. By the way, the leadership of Georgia invited Julia to stay in Tbilisi, gave an apartment in a prestigious area, cottage on the beach. But Julia was shy …

In addition, her gift of foresight has progressed, although Vorobyeva didn’t do it on purpose. She had prophetic dreams. For example, before the visit of cosmonaut Beregovoy, Donetsk authorities gave her a three-room apartment – before that, she and her husband and three children huddled in a tiny apartment. And then the astronaut! Must match. The fact that they are going to give her an apartment, Julia did not knew, but on the eve of this fateful decision she dreamed of a new apartment: house, district, all with details. You don’t even have to say that in reality everything was the same as in a dream.

Julia Vorobyova can find lost things. Can guess other people’s thoughts – just like that, between things. Recently she got a call from program “Malakhov plus.” Julia refused to participate in the transfer, but I informed the presenter by phone about his stomach problems and added what shirt on him at the moment.

According to the photograph, Julia tells in detail the fate of each man, determines whether he is alive or not. These experiments were carried out during France, serious scientists from different countries and were in complete shock. Later, Julia found out that all the photos were scanned – and the copies, in theory, should not give information.

Conducted experiments and the Japanese. They put a dozen people in front of Julia crutches. It was necessary to determine which of them imposed false plaster. She also had to scan the contents of their stomachs. Moreover it was necessary not only to find out what this or that participant ate experiment, and what color was the plum eaten or what color specifically, the drink was drunk. All answers are in the top ten.

I didn’t “see” Vorobyev only my relatives. Many old men, with with whom she talked, discussing her gift, told her that a true healer cannot see relatives. It’s probably not necessary. Otherwise, you can go crazy. Julia doesn’t “see” herself either.

As for the colleagues, Vorobyeva has a difficult relationship with them. Once the rector of the Donetsk Institute of Artificial Intelligence Anatoly Ivanovich Shevchenko invited her to speak to the luminaries in areas of abnormal phenomena. At the end of the event, Julia approached one famous sorceress whispered: “You will die soon, on you curse. “Then some old man turned:” I will make you paralyzes. ”

That day, Julia barely got home. I crawled to the bed, and her legs were taken away. And so all my life: while I treated people, giving them all myself, was persecuted. Nuns came to Julia, ripped off their loops doors tore off her clothes. Once they almost doused with acid. Then Julia miraculously escaped a car accident … But she still worked, looked at patients – high-ranking and ordinary. AND everyone said to her “thank you!”, because she saved their lives.

At first, Julia could not even think that her unexpected gift bring her world fame. At first, doctors generally claimed that she will live no more than three weeks. Still 380 volts! Three days in the morgue. Blood clotted. Such things do not pass without a trace. But Julia survived. True, for all subsequent years she legs hurt terribly, blood circulation is disturbed. She is forced to wear rubber galoshes in winter and summer – nothing else fits.

Doctors in her case are powerless. Julia was sent for examination in Germany. There they spread their hands: “You cannot be repaired. From pain shock can die on the table. “After all, anesthesia on Vorobyov’s not valid. At all! A simple trip to the dentist turns into test.

Once, an ophthalmologist Svyatoslav Fedorov became interested in Julia. His the equipment diagnosed that Julia … is blind. More precisely, one eye he doesn’t see at all, and the other – only by 0.003 percent.

For seven years, Vorobyev served the Ninth KGB Directorate. But she does not like to talk about that period of her life, although she did not allow no subscription – all promises of non-disclosure were in words. Warmly speaks only of Chernomyrdin – instead of ten minutes “to an audience” they talked for almost twelve hours. Yet she is very grateful to the Minister of Defense of the USSR Dmitry Fedorovich Ustinov.

A photo from open sources

They met in the Kremlin hospital, where Julia often invited anonymously and as if illegally to examine patients. once she was led to a man in a hospital gown – and in bathrobes they are all on one face. The man had serious problems with his legs and vessels. She looked at him, anesthetized her knees with her hands. is he told her about his children, and then Julia could not stand it, burst into tears.

At that time, her son was sent to serve in Afghanistan, and she didn’t did not know about his fate. The man frowned and said, “Your son will be at home on October 16. “But the fact that it is Ustinov, the Minister of Defense, Julia found out later, when a month and a half after meeting in the hospital. On the calendar – October 16. Vorobyov forgot to think about that conversation, and suddenly at five in the morning the doorbell rang … Son came back.

But before Julia was admitted to the members of the Politburo, she was given recommendation … Julian Semenov. After the diagnosis of the writer in Yalta all her diagnoses were confirmed by the diagnosticians of American clinics. After of this they became friends. The writer even dedicated the novel “Auction” to Julia and appointed an audience with Patriarch Pimen.

With such acquaintances, Vorobyev should have become a millionaire, however, I even bought tickets to Moscow at my own expense. They promised to give a little room on Chertanovskaya street, but beyond conversations business did not go. And Vorobyev does not know how to ask for herself.

She also never asked for money for treatment. And the authorities do not sought to give something for all her work, after which she lay without strength. Even now, when they ask her what she needs, Julia replies: “Nothing.” But she doesn’t even have anything to heat the house with. For disability, she receives 210 hryvnia (23 dollars). A plus the minimum pension is 630 hryvnias. So much people get who never worked. Well, at least the children help.

True, in the 90s, many healers earned crazy money, collected stadiums, spoke on TV, charged water … Julia was also advised to make money in such a way for example, Alan Chumak offered cooperation. But Julia can watch a person only individually. Kashpirovsky in one The interview called her “electric shocked.” Julia is not offended. Is talking only that he has a gift, but he needs to keep himself under control. One must fight glory …

If today Julia, who is very tired of people and of her gift, would go to the “Battle of psychics”, she would take first place after the first round. Today, people believe everything. But before there were more skeptics. Julia had to go through the hardest tests to prove their worth.

In 1993, she was sent to Switzerland for the World Congress. parapsychologists, where world luminaries gathered in the field of abnormal phenomena. The hall accommodated about 7 thousand spectators. For one famous the witch carried a 20-meter train, on her head was a crown. Participants in the experiment had to diagnose a man, determine what is wrong with him. Each of the participants went on stage and did different assumptions.

No one noticed, even that lady with a crown, that the patient has a heart located on the right side. Julia said this. Explained that he has a narrowing of the mitral valve to two millimeters. Took first place, received an honorary diploma, and she was invited to Bern on listening to parliament. And later in one of the Swiss cities she was erected a monument – a sculpture of a woman who “looks” a little girl.

Today, Julia Vorobyova is no longer curing, sometimes she only spends diagnostics. She is very tired. No wonder they say: you burn yourself, shining to others …

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