Kamchatka River Victims

The secret of the largest river in Kamchatka is not only trying to reveal rescuers and volunteers, but also psychics.

In addition, to help the Kamchatka Emergencies Ministry amphibious aircraft flew professional divers from Khabarovsk. Rescuers brought diving equipment with them searches in cold water at great depths, and special equipment – radar system, underwater video camera and lighting kit …

On November 2, two residents of Klyuchi were the SABIROV brothers (54-year-old Valery and 48-year-old Andrei), as well as 61-year-old Sakhalin resident Alexander IONIN and 39-year-old Khabarovsk resident Andrei TOKAREV – both employees “Dalmostostroy”, on a motor boat “Crimea” went fishing from the village of Klyuchi downstream of the Kamchatka River. Drive far they don’t intended – no more than 10 km from the village. Return planned in the same day at 5 p.m. But people disappeared without a trace in the inhabited area, where cellular communication works, there are roads … Some kind of mysticism … Victims of the Kamchatka RiverA photo from open sources In the press center of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies of the Russian Federation for the Kamchatka Territory reported, exploration work is being conducted from November 3 – immediately after of the disappearance of a relative of one of the men. For these days, the water area, the left and right banks of the Kamchatka River are examined down with the flow, the area of ​​the Kazachka ducts and the Cursed ducts, as well as Isle of Dogs. A large-capacity boat was attracted to the search, allocated by the Ust-Kamchatka seaport, because the small fleet going out to the river is very dangerous right now: there is a sludge in Kamchatka, and in some places, ice began to chill water. Total to date examined more than 200 km of coastline and 75 square meters. km of the river from the air. However, until now, searches for results have not yielded, but they continued with renewed vigor. Yesterday morning, November 12th, divers, arrived from Khabarovsk, together with their colleagues from Kamchatsky A branch of the FEREC went in search of the missing men. how told the newspaper “Kamchatka time” (“KV”) the head of the diving search and rescue unit DVRPSO Andrey PODSHIVALOV, depth sounder with side-scan sonar function is enough effective. Side-scan sonar operates at depths of up to 40 meters and scans the ground. “In an hour we will return home.” How managed to find out “KV” from reliable sources, the police were able track where the last mobile call was made phone SABIROV, who called his wife and said that an hour later the group will return home. This place and its surroundings carefully examined, but found no boat, no things, no traces missing men. On the river, they looked for possible traces of gasoline or engine oil. They were not found either … Psychics Poe According to some reports, the relatives of the disappeared fishermen turned for help to psychics. Clairvoyants allegedly show places on map, but they cover long distances: take advantage of such The data is probably pretty complicated. To psychic in visions are images of men: one has a broken leg, the second waves a hand on the bank of the river, and at the third shoulder straps. Versions There may be several suggestions where men could have gone. Perhaps they got into trouble and wait for help somewhere in taiga. The attack of the bears, whom this year’s there are still many places because of the lack of food clubfoot cannot hibernate. In this situation, traces of the attacks would have remained anyway, but people haven’t found them. The most tragic option is the sinking of the boat. Again, after flooding to the surface should have at least something to come up. For example, a bright canister that the fishermen had with them, or fishing rods. Well, at least something! SOS! Daily in search of men Rescuers and volunteers are sent. That’s what I wrote on the IA website “KamINFORM” is a relative of one of the missing: “Not lost criminals and not poachers, but people who worked for the good Homeland: builders (one of them is honored), an Emergencies Ministry officer – all Professionals, dear good people! Are needed volunteer people. Little time and chance left due to harshness climate. Respond all who can! Relatives are willing to pay reward for found! This is the cry of the soul. We ask for help – respond to our pain, “said the son of one of the missing Dmitriy. According to him, the father came to Kamchatka to build a pavement transition. “He is the head of the site – famous in the Far East human. Together with him was no less respected man – a mechanic with of the same site. An employee of the local Ministry of Emergencies and his brother disappeared, – said Dmitry. – They are all respected people. Not poached they just went fishing on the day off and never returned. ” Relatives of the missing express great gratitude to everything the team of the Sakhalin bridge detachment (OJSC “Dalmostostroy”). “Special thanks to the management represented by the boss Sakhalin Bridge Detachment Boris Evgenievich ChverkalyukA, Deputy Chief Sergey Vladimirovich Min to mechanics, craftsmen, drivers, machine operators, ordinary workers, other bridges Dalmostostroy, currently located at the facility the construction of a bridge over the Kamchatka River in the area The keys. Special thanks to the employees of the Ministry of Emergencies, the police, the police, and also friends, colleagues, the population of the Kamchatka Territory, people who voluntarily make incredible efforts and patience in search for our relatives! “- said Dmitry. Sacrifices When this article was getting ready, we wondered where did the strange names of the ducts come from, through which often swim in boats. Here’s what we found out about the ducts. Damned. According to KV, historian and Kamchatka local historian Viktor BORISOV, at the beginning of the twentieth century a priest from the Keys was traveling through this duct, and his dog team fell under the ice. This priest (presumably Mikhail EROKHIN) cursed the duct, giving her today’s name. In 1908, a participant drowned in this duct RYABUSHKIN expedition by the name of BER. A few years ago (10-15 years) near the Damned drowned several policemen who subsequently erected a monument on the banks of the Kamchatka River. Approximately at At the same place about 7-8 years ago a group of officers went hunting. When they cooked the ear, they accidentally added poisonous grass to it – carrot. All officers died due to poisoning. In the 30s of the last century on Lake Kurazhechnoye (near the Damned) drowned a group of children who collected wild garlic near a pond. Indigenous peoples this place that was notorious called Kamaki that translated means mermaid. Old-timers say Kamchatka rivers take people as a tribute, but here is a topic for psychics … Help Kamchatka River – the largest river peninsula. Its length is more than 750 km, Itelmen name Uykoal, which means “Big River”. Kamchatka has two sources: left, originating in the Sredinny ridge (Ozernaya Kamchatka river), and right in the eastern ridge (river Right Kamchatka). Merging into within the Ganal tundra, they give rise to the river itself Kamchatka It flows north, but in the area of ​​the village of Klyuchi abruptly turns east and flows into the Kamchatka Gulf, forming a wide mouth, the fairway of which is constantly changing. Kamchatka – the only river of the region that has navigable value. At present Kamchatka is used for shipping 200 km from the mouth. IN the lower reaches of the depths at the streams at low water reach 5–6 m, at rifts – about 2 m.

Water Time Kamchatka Psychics

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