Keeping youth is so easy!

Keeping youth is so easy!Photos from open sources of

One of the wit reporters recently said that to save youth is so simple: you just need to find out the secret of eternal Candy Law’s youth. Surely, in the secret room of her apartment hanging portrait, which is aging instead.

Indeed, Candy Law, who was successful in the past model and won the prestigious title “Miss Asia 1991 “, today at the age of fifty, everything looks attractive and young – at the same twenty-odd.

And this despite the fact that she is already the mother of three children, which in no way influenced her eternal youth. By the way, nothing about her for a long time was not heard. But two years ago, after the divorce, Candy Law suddenly became a star again, releasing a photo book with her pictures, which literally scattered overnight. So publishers even surprised at this, because, in their opinion, the circulation of three thousand copies was even somewhat risky.

A photo from open sources

Today, the Chinese model and actress Luo are so popular that Candy has over twelve thousand followers on Instagram. it all her fans, among whom there are a lot of those who would like look also young and beautiful and to whom the secret of youth of this women haunted.

Let’s say a secret that there is no secret here (sorry for pun). But as Candy Law herself admitted the other day, keep her youth is allowed by two things – love for this world and children’s perception of the environment. About any miracle diets, recipes Candy’s youth and especially plastic surgery mentions. But she recommends that all women smile more and never be sad.

By the way, no portrait that is aging instead of Candy Law, the paparazzi never found, no matter how hard they tried to find him …

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