Khakass menhir Ah-Tas heals from diseases

In Khakassia there is a stone sculpture that heals from various diseases. At least that’s what the legend says. However some They say – a stone can bring trouble.

Khakass menhir Ah-Tas heals from diseasesA photo from open sources

Once in the center of the picturesque Kug Valley, on the banks of the Askiz River decided to settle tribal tribe. The elders were called Hoarfrost and Apsah. However, the husband and wife did not agree on where exactly to found settlement and as a result of a quarrel, Hoarfrost kicked her husband, so it is strong that he flew over the Askiz River and was petrified. Hoarfrost too petrified from grief and suffering, and in the place of their quarrel established a white stone – Ah-Tas. According to legend, he has a powerful energy and therapeutic effect.

Mengir (from the Lower Breton men – stone and hir – long) – the simplest megalith in the form of a man-set rude processed wild stone, whose vertical dimensions are noticeable exceed horizontal. Menhirs were installed both singly and in groups.

The statue of Ah-Tas, or “White Stone” appeared in a valley near four thousand years ago. Modern scientists suggest that two-meter white granite stone is installed exactly in the zone geomagnetic anomalies.

According to popular beliefs, stone cannot be accessed by any means of transport. The employees of the Casanivka museum say that it’s the same as for example, drive a car into the bedroom of your home. Namely here, according to legend, the house of the spirit, which helps to get health. At Museum staff have facts.

A photo from open sources

“We had a large group from Switzerland, and in the midst of excursions one of the older women passed out. I had to urgently interrupt excursion, we urgently organized medical care. Later received joyful letter from Switzerland, from Bern, that she passed after returning a medical examination and how it turned out to be cured of several chronic diseases, “- said a researcher at the Khakass Museum-Reserve “Casanova” Leonid Eremin.

Foreigners today in the valley – visiting the monuments archeology. A couple of days ago, the Italians were on Ah Tas:

“I got no sensation from contact with the stone.” “It interesting, but nothing more. “” I performed the rite with interest, but I didn’t feel anything special. ”

The translator of the tour summed up the result, he is also a teacher of history Russia and the Caucasus at the University of Venice.

“It’s interesting from a cultural point of view, but energy no, this is our common answer, let’s say this, “says translator Aldo Ferrari

A man who is on Ah Tas did not agree with the tourists of Italy He came to look for bioenergy and deviations in the electromagnetic field.

“There is something, you see, a clear matter that is not entirely clear for our layman something is happening here. I go around the stone and I don’t I can determine where the north is, where the south is. Arrow in one place worth it. That’s all, at least twist it, it stands in one place. I do not I know, I have a compass, in general, a worker, but here he doesn’t wants to lead correctly, “says amateur bioenergy Alexander Zhatkin.

The radius of the magnetic zone, according to him, is 52 meters. Next on bioenergy lines. Alexander Zhatkin says he finds her tracks special frame. To feel or not feel it energy, you need to go through a special rite. Since in the experiment the whole crew will participate – cameraman Andrei Dorzhu and our driver Maxim Pershukov, together we all three will go through this rite of passage. To begin with, we will walk around the stone in the sun for three circles.

To get something, you need to leave something. We have coins – present them to Ah-Tas. They say it’s enough to treat at the stone for 15-20 seconds.

The driver of the crew of the heart pressure rose by 10 units. The next operator on the line is Andrey Dorzhu. But him pressure after visiting the stone has not changed. Correspondent Ruslan Romanov stood by the stone longer – 30-40 minutes. Pressure has risen up to 170.

Scientists do not exclude that a change in human condition due to a strong geomagnetic anomaly. And be in her a center of more than 20 seconds is highly undesirable.

Sculpture Ah-Tas is located in the museum “Casanivka”, in the Askiz district of Khakassia. Stop and book a guided tour of the valley is possible in the yurt complex on the territory the museum.

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