Killer Tree in Durban

A photo from open sources

Not far from the city of Durban (the second largest port in Republic of South Africa) is still growing an old tree, which sent to the next world more than three hundred people. Despite that all residents of the metropolis know that the tree is superimposed damn it, there are still daredevils who are not believe.

A photo from open sources

They approach the tree, touch its trunk, and then die from various causes. Only two years of observation occurred four major misfortunes that Durban residents associate with the killer tree.

One student boasted to a girlfriend that he was funny prejudices and he will climb onto the “devil’s tree”. When on the next day this guy went with his girlfriend to a tree, the car suddenly skidded and both crashed.

In the second case, a young man in an argument struck a tree trunk fist, and a few hours later died of a heart attack.

They also talk about a certain teenager who relieved himself the foot of the tree to show his contempt for the “grandmother fairy tales. “A week later he was trampled by a furious elephant.

The fourth case was that a married couple with children was photographed against the background of this tree, and two months later their house burned for no apparent reason.

The authorities wanted to cut down the magic tree, but nobody wanted to take. They suggested surrounding the tree with a high fence, but daredevils to erect it also did not appear.

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