Killing eyes

Killing eyesA photo from open sources

Which of us in childhood did not revel in reading about the feat of Perseus, who killed Medusa Gorgon, whose gaze turned all living things into stone! Who did not freeze from sweet horror while reading Gogol’s “Wii”: “Lift my eyelids.” Someone may have heard of a basilisk whose gaze also carried death. But, as we know, fairy tales do not appear naked location.

Legends, legends

An English official, Carsten, who served in India at the end of the 19th century, pulled by the hair and beat the native. He got up and did not run away, and grinning fixed his eyes on the Englishman. In the next morning Karsten woke up feeling overwhelmed. By evening, he fell off with legs. Head lobes, insomnia began, appetite disappeared. For four the day the young man turned into a ruin. By the end of the first week he lost his speech, and by the end of the second he died.

Cornelius Agrippa (German scientist of the 16th century) in his work “Occult Philosophy” wrote that “there are women in Illyria, capable of killing with a glance those who are looked in anger. ”

In Paris at the end of the 19th century during a sensual performance by a singer Massol of the aria “Curse” from Halevi’s opera King Charles the Sixth died from a heartbreak the working scene on which the singer looked during singing. After a while during the re-submission he died bandmaster.

The opera was not given for a long time. Massol agreed that he would watch on a box that is intentionally left empty. Alas, late for the start the businessman from Marseilles was very surprised and delighted, seeing such great empty places. After the third death shocked Massol left the scene.

Power of gaze

Queens University of Canada scientists decide to check is it really possible to feel the look. The experience was utterly is simple. The subject sitting on a chair should have given a sign if felt that the man standing behind him was staring at him, not the ceiling. The percentage of “guessing” was 95%, which is far beyond statistical error. Mean look really material?

The fact that the gaze of some people has some power, doubt does not cause. From the gaze of Stalin, many were covered in cold sweat. It was impossible to bear the gaze of Rasputin. “He has a heavy look,” – they say about some people. And we are often unreasonably we turn around and face each other with a person looking at us point blank. And some people’s eyes can really do harm.

Ivan Kupchinsky, who investigated anomalous phenomena in the second half of the XIX century, met with a man who claimed that able to kill a bird with a look. In evidence before our eyes Kupchinsky for a minute he looked at the chicken he bought, until she fell dead.

A photo from open sources

Remote Eye Punch

Scientists involved in bioenergy do not see this nothing special. Soviet scientist Bernard Kazhinsky, pioneer biological radio communication, as early as 1923 put forward a hypothesis that the human eye is capable of not only receiving, but also radiating in space electromagnetic waves.

This “eyeball” can affect the central nervous system. system, brain, the whole organism. Especially strong energy release occurs at the time of emotional stress. That’s why it has long been customary at the time of execution to tie the condemned to death eyes or wear a bag over it. Apparently the executioners feared hateful look of the convict not only by moral and psychological reasons.

To reassure, let’s say that people who can kill intentionally human gaze are extremely rare. Usually this followers of oriental philosophical movements, who devoted all their life of self-improvement, and using their weapons only in most exceptional cases. And our neighbors, if they are capable of anything, so it will cause us a short malaise and then, if we really angry. And therefore we will be careful and utterly with them polite.

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