Kim Jong-un is able to control the weather

Kim Jong-un is able to control the weatherPhotos from open sources of

The North Korean authorities made a very curious statement. According to them, the supreme leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un, is capable of manage the weather.

The above photo taken the other day, demonstrates politics standing on the snowy volcano Pektusan in his famous double-breasted winter coat. Local officials claim that before the appearance of Kim Jong-un at the top of the mountain a strong snowstorm raged, but as soon as the head of the country left helicopter, as the elements calmed down, and around, as if by a wave magic wand, it immediately became extremely calm: a blizzard stopped, the sun shone.

Western journalists naturally took this news not serious, but they still wondered what exactly has mind the North Korean side. Whether its ruler owns divine power and subjugates the weather to itself only by the power of thought, whether he has at his disposal advanced climate technology. Or maybe it’s all about the grief itself, which has a special mystical meaning for the leaders of the Korean People’s Democratic Republic? The fact is that Kim Jong-un’s father, Kim Jong-il, is also made once such a statement. He said that he was born in a secret military camp on the slope of Pektusan, and at the time of his a double rainbow appeared in the sky, although no rain before that was not.

It’s worth noting that sorcerers and magicians can control the weather, for example, the shamans of Yakutia, so there is nothing fantastic about this. Another thing is how this relates to the leader of the DPRK. Or maybe in his Are there such powerful magicians in your surroundings? If so, then it’s clear why is Kim Jong-un not afraid of the USA and even constantly scoffs at naive attempts of their leader Donald trump …

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