Korean hacker legally earned in two days almost a quarter million

A Korean hacker legally earned nearly a quarter million in two daysA photo from open sources

The hacker profession is closely related to finding bugs in software providing and ways of data transmission. These errors can be used to circumvent various restrictions and gain access to the prohibited information that is undoubtedly prosecuted by law. And you can immediately Report vulnerabilities to software owners. Many of them are always happy to thank financially for such assistance.

The other day, the international competition “Pwn2Own” among hackers. Participants traditionally for two days searched for errors in popular internet browsers. Using modern equipment provided by the organizers, the contestants receive in reward the money that copyright holders provide them software.

South Korean student Jun Hong won the competition this year Lee performing under the virtual nickname “lokihardt”. Young man demonstrated amazing skills by revealing one vulnerability after another. First, the Korean found an error in the browser “Chrome”, for which he received seventy-five thousand American dollars. After that, he used the same browser to conducting a large-scale attack on the operating system. it discovery brought him another twenty-five thousand. Additional ten thousand a young man was given for showing how Google Beta Browsers Allow Use the above errors are many times more effective.

This seemed to the Korean little, and he laid on the shoulder blades popular Microsoft browser. For detecting vulnerabilities in “Internet Explorer 11” Corporation rewarded Jun Hong Lee with an amount of the amount of sixty five thousand dollars. After that, the hacker hacked Safari browser, for which Apple transferred to his account fifty thousand. In total, the young man earned two hundred twenty five thousand dollars, almost leaving the laptop for two days.

This is a clear example of how to use your knowledge in good, and not to the detriment, as, for example, recently it became known that hackers can hack medical robots.

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