Lake of Dead Trees near Kazan

Lake of the Dead Trees near KazanPhotos from open sources of

Few people know that fifty kilometers from Kazan there is a small artificial pond where the most incredible paranormal activity.

For example, absolutely dead dry trees stand on its sides. You might think that the water here is poisonous and full of acids, but this is not true. Crucian carp, carp, common carp and crayfish are found in the pond, and in the surrounding forests are home to a population of wild pigs that walk here on watering place.

However, dead trees are far from the only local anomaly. Mysterious sounds similar to rattle of metal, human moans and machine gun bursts. Even in fishermen often begin the most quiet and calm weather experience auditory hallucinations. Many of them are ready to swear that fell into some invisible battle, where the invisible rumbled guns and shells exploded. And no one is still able understand what caused these anomalies.

A photo from open sources

A few years ago, a group of domestic experts committed to the Lake of the Dead Trees a one-day expedition. Four first scientists stumbled upon a mysterious tree, which, apparently, struck by lightning. Its trunk is completely burnt inside, and the hollow ring almost separated from the tree, as if hanging in the air. Literally a few meters away, researchers found several trees struck by lightning.

When the expedition members approached the lake, they noticed that its shores turn into deep ravines overgrown with thick vegetation. Nearby trees to the pond, were dead and even devoid of small branches. Some of these trees were broken. Lake fed three forest springs flowing down into it along ravines. In this moment experts suddenly heard strange pops, the source of which they could not be determined.

A photo from open sources

Then, an unusual birch growing off the coast. Its trunk was branched, and from each branching grew two branches, which in turn also bifurcated. According to the researchers, it was more likely to some kind of mathematical fractal than an ordinary plant. It is noteworthy that at a distance several lindens grew, whose branches they resembled sea waves in their form. On the opposite bank Lake scientists discovered a small grove in which all died bushes and trees, except for birches. At the same time, a lush carpet covered the ground from grass and wild strawberries.

Experts have suggested that it is located here called geopathic zone, which is affected by unknown official science geological and geodetic phenomena. Exactly therefore, the Lake of the Dead Trees and the nature around it amaze imagination with its unusual and unknown. That’s just not it’s clear who is conducting invisible battles here and what strange sounds sometimes gives birth to this mysterious pond …


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