Lake of fear

A photo from open sources

Not far from the village of N Kopylsky district is a small lake, the existence of which many villagers and not they know. Once there was a well-kept lake – a favorite vacation spot. village youth. But a long time ago, as the legend goes, a terrible event happened here. Since then, the lake has become unsociable overgrown with grass and turned into a large puddle. … Olga and Lena came to the pond first. Girlfriends laid out bedding and, without hesitation for a long time, they plunged into water warm as fresh milk. Girls bathed, squirted, dived and laughed merrily. Charter swim, the girls left the lake, stretched out for a few minutes, and Then they began to look at the literature brought. For some reason, not read. A gentle breeze caressed, lulled, and from a pleasant languor the girls began to go to sleep … Suddenly, in a half-nap, Lena saw strange picture. The girlfriend is sleeping, but her body began to move in direction of the reservoir. Lena clearly realized: a person is not wound up a toy, without moving its arms or legs and, moreover, lying on its back, in a dream he cannot move himself! So someone dragged a girlfriend? But who? There is no one around! The girl was really scared. AND here she woke up. But before Lena could breathe a sigh of relief, I saw that there really is no girlfriend. From the litter – only a trace on the sand. Was it really not a dream ?! In a panic, Lena rushed to the lake and saw a terrible picture: sleeping Olga waist-deep was in the water … Lena rushed forward, grabbed her friend by the head and screamed: “Olga, wake up, you’ll drown!” She began to drag her friend out of the water and immediately received a blow to the chest. Lena wanted to rise, but some gigantic force pressed it to the ground … Then the weight gradually began to subside, breathing became easier. The girl looked around. Olga was nowhere to be found, only in the middle of the lake she swam lonely red scarf. When Lena, stuttering and crying, told the villagers had a terrible story; no one could believe her words. It was decided to begin the search for the drowned woman. The pond was small and shallow. They searched for Olga for a long time and diligently – they examined the bottom, but never found. They decided that the drowned woman should come up, and when it will happen, then bury it in a Christian way. A day or two passed week – the lake was deserted. Event near the lake for a long time excited the minds of the villagers. Each of the residents expressed his vision of a strange phenomenon, but no one was able to completely solve a terrible riddle. Over time, a strange event became to be forgotten. But sometimes residents had to watch a terrible picture: a ghost of a girl comes out of the lake, then he takes some time stands above water and slowly melts in space … Ivan ZAREMBO, Minsk Water Time

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