Lake Svetloyar again makes you talk about mysticism

July 24 in Kazan, during a press conference on diving divers into Lake Svetloyar, Nizhny Novgorod Region, members expeditions admitted that they believe in signs. According to the head underwater research team of the Russian Geographical Society and FPSR Dmitry Schiller, in the time of the expedition was noticed several mystical events.

Immediately after arrival, members of the expedition became witnesses unusual event. The fact that the lake is considered spiritual a symbol of Russia. On the night of Ivan Kupala, from July 6 to July 7, here 26 thousand pilgrims arrived to perform the ceremony. According to legend, a person has to walk around the lake three times with candles in hands. There were so many pilgrims that the lake was in ring of fire.

Lake Svetloyar again makes you talk about mysticismA photo from open sources

Seen very impressed with the expedition. They had to in front of all the pilgrims to dive into the lake, that they done. Before that, the old Old Believer approached the divers and told the story of a diver who had once disappeared in the lake. This caused discomfort among the expedition members, however, from they did not back down their goal.

As soon as the divers descended into the water, thunder struck and began shower. According to those waiting on the shore, the rainfall was so strong that they did not see the tips of their fingers on an outstretched arm. how only divers emerged, the rain stopped. Expedition members believe that in this way the lake was angry with them for the fact that they penetrated into its depths.

Also members of the Russian research team Geographical Society Maxim Astakhov, Vladimir Alimpiev and Artem Kulikov noted another amazing moment. While diving one of the participants lost a piece of equipment at shallow depths. The five guys tried to find him, but the thing was lost.

This is an abnormal phenomenon, because usually a thing falls to the bottom and its easy to find. Members of the expedition explain the missing feature bottom structures: a jelly-like substance that captures everything that there fell. Divers believe that in this way they paid for passage – the lake took what he needed.

A photo from open sources

This fact was another evidence that the lake has double bottom. At the bottom of the lake there is neither garbage nor bottles. Things are going so because they fall through the first bottom. The members the expeditions themselves easily plunged to the first bottom. According to participants, they did not feel fear, as they passed preliminary training in caves where it was possible get lost.

In this situation, divers understood that at any moment they could float to the surface. Get to the second bottom of the expedition members not allowed the icy water, from which the blood froze. So lake escorted unwanted guests, divers say.

“There is a naval rule: if a diver dreamed a bad dream and he has a hunch, he has the right to refuse diving “, – said D. Schiller to the question of whether he believes in omens.

Dmitry Schiller talked about how the idea to make expedition to the lake. According to him, exactly 100 years ago, members Kazan University were the first to come to the shore of Lake Svetloyar, to solve his secrets. The lake is considered a spiritual symbol. Of Russia. According to legend, Batu Khan attacked Kitezh-grad. Small the city, not wanting to surrender to the enemy, went under water. Already many For decades, scientists have been trying to solve the mystery of the reservoir.

After arriving at the lake, members of the expedition became witnesses unusual event. 26 thousand pilgrims came here, among which were Orthodox, Muslims, Buddhists, Old Believers. People came for the energy of the lake. According to legend, a man must three times go around the lake with candles in their hands. There were pilgrims so much that the lake was in a ring of fire.

A photo from open sources

The expedition members were tasked with photographing bottom, take biological samples at the deepest point to help scientists understand how the lake appeared. The expedition took participation and volunteers – young divers of 15-16 years old, which always takes opportunities with him.

No trace of human activity found by expedition members did not have. The only thing that was discovered was the remains of the trees. All collected materials were transferred to the laboratory for study.

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