Lakes near Samara suddenly turned pink color

Lakes near Samara suddenly turned pinkPhoto from open sources

Three small artificial reservoirs in the Samara region unexpectedly acquired a strange pink tint, becoming like something fabulous from a children’s cartoon. The locals were very surprised and even scared by such a metamorphosis, taking build various theories regarding the causes of lake staining.

Of course, people immediately suspected a release into the water. any chemicals. Near the ponds just large industrial enterprises are located pig farm, tank farm and concrete plant. District authorities, however, argue that no hazardous emissions and no leaks occurred.

It is also hypothesized that the water stained due to flowering algae and bacteria that produce red pigment. True, why did this happen suddenly, since no one had ever I didn’t notice this, even the centenarians, no one can explain – neither scholars nor local fortune tellers …

Meanwhile, the news has reached foreign publications like British tabloid “Daily Star”. His journalists suggest that all the fault could be phenomena of a much more unusual nature.

According to the staff of the “yellow” newspaper, staining Russian lakes could happen as a result of a religious miracle, a certain supernatural phenomena or even the activities of aliens. Some netizens also suggest that planet earth “bleeds” due to the destructive activity of man …


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