Lansing’s phantom whistler, scary for many years local resident

The phantom whistle of Lansing, for many years frightening a local residentA photo from open sources

Before us is one of the “freshest” scary urban legends America. An amazing story was told 3 years ago user of the popular social network “Reddit” under the pseudonym bingbong1234.

A man living in the state capital Michigan Lansing claims that the phenomenon described by him is frightening, inexplicable and 100% real. In support of his words, the narrator laid out video recording, which captured an ominous phenomenon, about which speech will go.

The appearance of the Phantom Whistler many years ago

So bingbong1234 reports that he was 8 years old when he first encountered Lansing’s Phantom whistle as he subsequently named him. The boy and his mother walked late evening dog. According to our hero, his family lives on the outskirts cities near swamps and forests.

During that walk, the Americans suddenly heard a quiet sound, coming from the bogs and looking like a whistle. So, for example, whistle people who are bored. However, there was also something in this sound. incomprehensible: it became quieter and louder, higher and lower, and also somehow weirdly overflowed. It seemed that ordinary a man cannot whistle like that.

A photo from open sources

The mother of our hero, hearing this, suddenly became worried and hastened to take her son home. After some time, the boy forgot about this incident, however, everything repeated after 2 years. A 10-year-old American was walking his dog again late at night, though now without a mother, and again heard a mysterious sound.

According to bingbong1234, near the parental home there was a large bush behind which, if desired, he could easily hide man. When our hero returned from a walk, he I heard a whistle from there. Someone whistled just as unusually there: sort of like human, but kind of like not. The teenager immediately a chill ran along the back, and the guy rushed into the house with lightning speed. It is noteworthy that his dog both times did not react to what is happening.

Phantom Whistler reappears, but in a different place

Many years have passed, now the narrator should be about 27 years old. The video shown below he received in 2015, when he went with his girlfriend to the city of Pierre (South Dakota). It was July, in USA celebrated Independence Day. Our hero and his girlfriend decided go to the Missouri River in the evening to watch the salute from there. A storm was approaching, and lightning flashed in the sky, but the weather did not prevented local vacationers from having fun.

A photo from open sources

When the fireworks were launched, bingbong1234 pulled out his smartphone, to capture them on video. Imagine the amazement of our hero, when he suddenly heard nearby that quiet mysterious whistle from of his childhood, which he had already forgotten about! This whistle is impossible was confused with something else.

The man came in a real shock, but continued to shoot what was happening on the mobile camera. Alas, the sound source is not found managed. The girl was also puzzled by this sound, especially when a boyfriend told her about events from his past.

According to bingbong1234, he cannot find what happened rational explanation. The man only suggests that creepy The phantom whistler somehow inexplicably found him later all these years in a completely different state of America. American asked other Reddit users help him solve this mystery.

Versions of the reasons for what happened

Many of the Network’s regulars, of course, felt that this was a a phenomenon of supernatural nature. In some cultures, just There are beliefs about whistling mystical entities. So in Colombia and Venezuela widely known legend of the so-called El Silbone.

A photo from open sources

El Silbon is considered a restless spirit, looking like a tall thin man in a wide-brimmed hat and with a bag of human bones on shoulder. The ghost whistles softly and enters other people’s houses at night to recount the contents of your bag. It is believed that if you hear or the more you see it, then you will certainly befall big misfortunes. Conversely, if you do not notice how El Silbon will visit your home, then luck awaits you.

Skeptics say bingbong1234 is simply sinister human whistle is actually singing any night birds. However, why does this mystical whistling chase precisely him and no one else, otherwise on the Internet the Internet would have been found right there, by at least a dozen people who have experienced (experienced in his life) is the same. But this did not happen …

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