“Larks” and “owls”: determine the cause of happiness and misfortunes

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Doctors still have not come to a consensus, what type of people healthier – early morning larks, or owls, able to sleep sometimes before lunch, because it’s too late go to bed.

The fact is that, on the one hand, among the researchers themselves there are different psychological types of people, which affects the purity of the experiment, and on the other hand, the impeccable “larks” and “owls” not so much. Most often, people relate themselves to one or another type only because of the habit of getting up sooner or later, circumstances related to their work or professional activities, family traditions and so on. Worth changing for these reasons, as an “owl” immediately turns into a “lark”, and vice versa.

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Moreover, in the world there are a lot of people who generally sleep little, and therefore they go to bed late and get up early. And who are they? But there are also typical sleepyheads who go to bed early and get up late …

Given all this, Australian psychologists, having spent large-scale studies have identified: whoever you yourself believed, try (if possible) to schedule your life to a biologically correct watch. This “correctness” lies in that a person should get up earlier than 6 o’clock in the morning, optimally – between 4 and 6 hours. Moreover, each person, depending on age, need for sleep and so on, can go to bed whenever, however, you need to wake up on time – no later than 6 in the morning.

Scientists have concluded that such “larks” (very conditional concept) practically do not suffer from depression, like others psychological disorders, and their physical health much higher than that of “owls” (also a conditional concept, according to researchers of Australia).

For convenience, conditionally dividing the volunteers who took part in in this experiment, on the “larks” and “owls,” the researchers revealed that the latter also suffer from loneliness, they converge worse with people with difficulty marry, and in it for the most part unhappy.

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And most importantly: “owls” unlike “larks” constantly are in a bad mood, and from morning to late evening. AND this is the main reason for all their subsequent troubles and misfortunes, since it is a positive attitude, smile, joy that shape the future, which we call happy …

Just no need to talk, Australian remarks psychologists Marnie Lishman and Bailey Bosch, that the “early bird” is happier owls or vice versa. In fact, it turns out that the one who is happier gets up before 6 in the morning. And here it does not matter to what the person is supposedly predisposed for, the main thing is to bring your regime days in order, even at first to force yourself to wake up, say, in half past five. And then nature will do everything for you: raise it from in the morning, the mood will bring something fresh and new, increase efficiency, improve health, and ultimately account – will make you more successful and happy.

Moreover, to confirm the correctness of the conclusions of the Australian scientists need very little – try. It does not require no financial investments, as, say, happens with expensive training “successful life”, nor any great effort, as is the case with different diets and transitions to healthy eating and life in general. Just try to at least a month to get up before 6 a.m., Austrian psychologists recommend, – and that’s it, nothing else is needed for happiness …

Is it really that simple? ..

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