Learning a mother tongue begins in the womb

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Newborns are not as phonetically naive as intended earlier. A new study found that most native sounds babies will learn the language already in the first hours after birth. The experiment was led by Christina Moon, professor Psychology of the Pacific Lutheran University. After a row observations, scientists concluded: newborn babies show increased interest in vowels from other languages. “More than 30 years ago, scientists found that the child begins to study back in perinatal period, listening to the mother’s voice. But this is the first an experiment that shows that we are starting to distinguish specific speech sounds of our mother’s language before appearing on light, “said Moon. Not so long ago, most scientists converged opinion that children begin to learn about speech only after birth. In during her experiment, Moon observed newborns in different parts of the world – in a hospital in the city of Tacoma (Washington) in the United States and Children’s Hospital Astrid Lindgren in Stockholm. Babies listening sounds in Swedish and English, while children could control the number of repetitions of a sound by sucking a special nipple connected to the computer. Each test child was given 17 listening sounds language and 17 sounds of a foreign language. Researchers compared babies’ interest in sounds based on how long and often they sucked a pacifier. “During a single movement, the nipples were reproduced one sound. Then, after a short pause, the next one was played, – explained the authors of the experiment. – Very soon, the children learned repeat the sound of interest to them again and again through continuous sucking nipples. “As a result, the experiment showed that in In both countries, children showed a much greater interest in foreign sounds. This suggests that the sounds of their native language were already for them clearly familiar, and as a result, less curious. Total was tested 40 newborns aged 7 to 75 hours after birth. According to scientists, babies begin to master elementary sounds of the mother tongue over the past 10 weeks stay in the womb.


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