Legendary lights over Mount Brown hit video

The legendary lights over Mount Brown hit the videoPhoto from open sources

Mount Brown in North Carolina is a cult site among ufologists and lovers of supernatural phenomena. Starting at 24 September 1913, above this place in the dark mysterious lights periodically notice the appearance of which are still no rational explanation found.

In 1922, the US Geological Survey began research luminous anomalies over Mount Brown, lasting for many years. Scientists have put forward many versions: about the glare of car headlights away, about swamp lights, swarms of fireflies, unusual meteorological phenomena, etc. However, none of these theories could not be confirmed scientifically.

The video below was received on the night of 10-11 January of this year, however for some time she was “lost” among the many videos dedicated to this phenomenon and only now came to the attention of alternative researchers in the World the web. It’s claimed that the same ones were captured on the video legendary lights that can be seen from certain points in surroundings of the famous mountains.

Mysterious frames show radiant dots, lines and various formless formations flying over the dark Brown. According to the author of the material, he installed the camera on tripod and took off the mountain almost the whole day after the storm, watching everything only for the weather. The appearance on the recording of alleged anomalies has become for an American, an unexpected surprise, very puzzling him.

And although this video, like all others made earlier, is not sheds light on the mysterious phenomenon of the United States, this material serves confirmation that Mount Brown still attracts some energy entities or devices. That is nothing here does not change, however, American scientists, without realizing this the anomaly, apparently, just waved it at her because new explanations from them have long ceased to exist, and the January amateur they simply traditionally ignored the video, which is why it turned out to be almost unnoticed …

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