Legends of unquenchable lamps

Legends of unquenchable lampsA photo from open sources

Before electricity came to our homes, people all over the world used oil lamps. It would seem regular refueling is absolutely essential for these fixtures, however, there is evidence of lamps, which inexplicably burned for a long time without any oil.

Such truly unquenchable lamps, as a rule, were found at excavations of ancient tombs and similar enclosed places. Lighted hundreds and thousands of years ago, they continued to burn.

Here are some interesting examples of this mysterious phenomena. In 140 A.D. in Italy, the daughter’s tomb was opened the famous speaker Cicero. Having found a burning lamp there, frightened people tried to put out it, but saw what to do neither strong wind nor water can …

During the reign of Emperor Justinian, a detachment of soldiers was a burning lamp was accidentally found, which, as evidenced by the inscription made on it was originally lit for almost 550 years back.

After England separated from the Roman Catholic Church, King Henry VIII the Anglican Church was founded. After the king demanded that the Catholic churches be either destroyed, or included in the number of Anglican. It was then the grave of a certain rich man who died about 300 AD, and the lamp in his burial continued to burn.

There is also a chronicle written by a soldier from Switzerland, where he tells that at the beginning of the 16th century he discovered in France an ancient the tomb. Inside, he found only a burning lamp and took it with by myself. Without any fuel, the wonderful lamp burned a few more months, after which it was accidentally broken and thus paid off.

Unfortunately, at present not a single instance is so eternally no burning lamp was found, and therefore modern scientists did not can investigate and explain this phenomenon. Well, we will hope that at least the only unquenchable lamp is someone yes find. And in the near future …


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