Legs protruding from the ground horrified American

Sticking out of the ground terrified the AmericanPhoto from open sources

Thirty-five-year-old Priscilla Boatman claims the camera CCTV, located in her garden, captured an amazing an anomaly. A Texas resident was shocked when she discovered on human legs sticking up in the dark up herbs. These are clearly human legs, dressed in trousers and shod in sneakers, however the woman has no idea where they came from its section and where then disappeared.

Priscilla and her husband John decided to install outside their home camera after being repeatedly victims of jokers. Local teenagers threw trees in the spouses’ garden with toilet paper, they knocked on the door at night and ran away, and also did others petty but unpleasant hooliganism. So boatman got a recording device to capture this disgrace and bring youth to justice. Married couple I didn’t even suspect how strange a thing would fall into their lens. cameras.

A photo from open sources

Priscilla says: “Our new camera responds to movement and automatically takes pictures. Most often, it captures flying birds and raccoons climbed into the garden, but it was something completely different. We showed the frame to our friends, and all of them, as one, came to the conclusion that it’s someone’s legs sticking out from under the ground! How is that perhaps? It was the only photo taken that night. On the the image does not see anyone who could bring to our site bottom of the mannequin or something like that, and then carry it away. The camera would certainly take a picture of a moving person, who could do all this, but there was a failure in her work, whether it’s real devilry at all. I’m very scared what happened, and John is extremely puzzled. ”

Skeptics on the World Wide Web believe that image underwent photo montage – they say, if you look closely, under the “legs” you can see some kind of blurry spot. Other doubters sure that the Americans dressed up two branches in their pants and photographed them to get their moment of fame on the Internet. As for the supporters of mystical theories, they suggest that in the garden of the spouses a certain portal of a parallel world could open, and the twitching legs protruding from it were fixed by a sensor movement, after which the camera, as it should be, took a picture.

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