Levitation: divine miracle or innate human ability?

Levitation: a divine miracle or an innate ability of man?A photo from open sources the Bible tells us that levitation is a miracle that is possible due to the intervention of divine powers. AND really how people soar in the air without whatever material support? How does the human body conquer gravity? The science unable to answer these questions, although in history, including newest, a huge number of cases levitation.

What is the mechanism that allows a person to become light, as if feather? It is believed that this amazing ability lies in each person, and do not appear in our society various means movement – every person today could levitate. IN only a select few are capable of controlling levitation. More others by this ability are known yogis who, in particular, publicly display their flights.

Ancient written sources report fantastic the property of monks to rise above the ground and soar like birds in in the air. The Holy Fathers with this ability were deep believers who have dedicated their lives to serving God.

Interesting fate of Giuseppe Des, who was born in Copertino (Apulia, Italy) in 1603. In childhood, he was fragile and not even especially smart, according to contemporaries, a child. IN the Franciscan monastery in Grotelle his main occupation was hovering in the air over the monastery. According to eyewitnesses, Giuseppe uttered a sharp cry at first, and then immediately ascended and some time remained motionless in the air, after which it smoothly landed and continued to pray. The young monk was sent to Naples Papal Monastery, where he continued his flights. Dad Urban VIII, who became their witness, proposed to canonize Desu. However, the canonization did not take place, since dad died, and Giuseppe moved to Assisi Cathedral, where he also continued to fly. He could rise to a height of 18 meters and sometimes remain in the air until three hours. In 1767, a hundred-odd years after his death, Giuseppe Desu was still canonized.

The confessions made in the 17th century by the nun Maria reached us. Villany. She talks about the power that comes from outside and lifts her above the earth like a magnet.

Similar flights continued at a later time. So, Blessed Thomas Korisky was able to fly at high speed under the dome of the church in Civitella. 19th century Maria Jesus during levitation left on top of a linden tree your sandal. In general, such cases cannot be counted, even if not talk about the levitation of yogis. However, the mechanism of this phenomenon remains a mystery to scientists.

A photo from open sources

Levitation Time

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