Lightnings beat time after time in one house and at the end set him on fire

People prefer to wait for a thunderstorm in houses, counting walls and closed windows with reliable protection. However occurred in Britain the incident showed that lightning can not only get into the home, but also leave his masters without a roof over his head.

South Yorkshire residents on Saturday night became witnesses of the rampant disaster: hit the roof of one of the apartment buildings lightning, as a result of which the cottage was engulfed in flames and the sky above it clouded with thick smoke.

Frightened neighbors fearing their next home the target of lightning, ran out into the street and did not miss the opportunity to take what is happening on the video.

The lightning struck one house over and over and set it on fire in the end.A photo from open sources

One resident who did not want to give her name reported The Mirror tabloid says: “I saw how it all happened. House caught fire somewhere 10-15 minutes after it hit him lightning. I have never seen anything like it! I remember, I thought that we were in the midst of a thunderstorm. Everywhere blue flickered flashes and we started rushing around the house, turning everything on its own the way. ”

According to the British, the next minute she heard an explosion forces that she was afraid for the life of the rest of the household.

“After one of the blows, I felt the walls shake, and decided that lightning got into my house. Within five minutes of lightning hit several times, including the railing outside. And then there was a powerful explosion and everyone was blinded by a blue flash. It was unbelievable! – the eyewitness admitted. – On faces rushing out into the street the neighbors read horror. ”

Soon emergency personnel arrived at the scene and making sure there were no people in the cottage, they saved the dog.

“When firefighters rescued the family’s favorite, the owners ran up to them at home and said that there were goldfish inside. Then lifeguards returned to the house and carried out an aquarium with fish. They (firefighters) are excellent coped with their task. Fortunately no one was hurt and this the most important thing. I hope we can raise some money for family living in this house, ”added the woman.

In an interview with reporters, homeowner Richard Lowe reported that during a thunderstorm, his wife and three children were in store, and he was visiting a friend.

“I’m still in shock. But we all managed to avoid the terrible dangers, but we can somehow deal with the damage, ”he concluded he.

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