“Liquid Rainbow” leads the list of the most unusual natural phenomena

"Liquid Rainbow" leads the list of the most unusual natural phenomenaA photo from open sources

For billions of years, our Earth has been working hard on by myself. Wind, water, pressure, temperature changes formed the outlines of the planet as we know them today. What only not on our planet. In its most remote corners you can meet objects and phenomena that you do not expect to see on The earth.

One of the Internet sites dedicated to nature, ranked the most unusual natural wonders. The rating includes underground crystals the size of a four-story house, a lake of the color of dairy cocktail, bleeding glacier, and more.

One of the leading positions was occupied by a multi-colored river. Unusual The pond is located in British Columbia. July to December here Macarenia clavigera plant blooms, creating on the water surface iridescent bright spots of different colors. The river has become a place pilgrimages and received many nicknames among Canadians – liquid a rainbow, a river of five colors, the most beautiful river in the world.

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