Little white angel

Little white angelPhoto from open sources

Agree, to see the white color of an ordinary sparrow is the greatest rarity. Scientists claim that in the entire history of the study of people fauna on Earth, recorded only a few cases of such an amazing phenomenon, like a white sparrow (according to other sources, he occurs much more often – at least once per million birds). It is no coincidence that locals nicknamed this thief little white an angel.

Such an albino sparrow appeared in Australia. This snapshot rarest bird was made by amateur ornithologist Bob Winters observing for a rare bird in the Melbourne area. Despite his bad vision (all albinos suffer from this drawback), attractive for predators, color and even rejection from relatives, white the sparrow that Bob is watching has lived at least seven months.

Of course, caring for the amazing the bird from the side of local residents, and the sparrow itself is quite smart. According to Winters, an albino never moves away from native bushes, where he has a kind of refuge from predators, more than a hundred meters. Moreover, he behaves very carefully, why even It was difficult to photograph him.

However, the chances to live long and even more so give offspring such an albino sparrow is small, because, as science proves, unique color is the result of a mutation, and such species of animals and birds have weakened immunity, which significantly reduces their life expectancy. In addition, no female will allow such a strange sparrow to himself, for her he is like a stranger …

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